Competition results notification

  • This is really beginning to annoy me!

    Yet again, I put my engines back on normal schedule after the results appeared. The problem is, the competition had not finished and the results were returned - again - for the competition I won earlier.

    Old results have a very bad habit of popping up repeatedly after a competition even after refreshing the game!

    In this world there is nothing softer or thinner than Water.

    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.


  • These pop ups are indeed annoying, but they are not old. They pop up again (after you have already received your finishing pop up) when someone else completes their comp, to let you know who was 2nd, 3rd etc etc.

    Agreed, completely unnecessary, annoying and negatively impacting your other gaming functions.

    In fact, ALL in game notifications need to be looked at and reworked.

    - I get system messages of comps when I finish 2nd place, even though I have these turned OFF.

    - System messages for industry level ups frequently are jumbled or appear hours and hours later.

    - Other notification settings do not work at all (they either do not appear when you switch them to on, or they always appear whether you have switched them off or not). Furthermore your notification settings may work differently when you switch to mobile app or vice versa.

    - Notification settings get changed without your input, switching back on at random.

    - Some notification settings are permanently on, even if switched off it does nothing to prevent them.

    - When certain notifications appear, the game just freezes, especially if it happens when a comp is started.

    - Biggest complaint: Chat notifications can not be turned off on web version, often turning into a 'game freeze' event.