Bad Gateway

  • Hello everyone

    It's that time of the evening when we have to alert all our members on Loch Ness not to refresh if they are in game as they won't get back in.

    As we need to refresh almost once an hour anyways, this is a problem.

    (and yes, I clean my cache several times a day, and reboot the computer once a day too)

    Just thought I'd take a moment from the constant browser refreshes and cache clearing to post a note here and see if other servers are having the same experience.

    Recent patches seem to have exacerbated the issue rather than helped.


  • It’s amazing the excuses we get from Rail Nation, when the game doesn’t work correctly. Example chat doesn’t work on the mobile app to complete this task play from the browser version or contact support and they will complete it for you.

    Here’s a novel idea fix the freaking game once and for all. Stop giving us lip service stop saying every game you play online has bugs.

    We know that’s a boldface lie, I guess Rail Nation thinks all their players are really stupid. I bet if we all stopped playing for a few rounds we would see a radically different game within a flash

  • So far we've had a couple of "bad gateways" this afternoon.

    One of our teammates had a thought that perhaps because players need to refresh so often these days it's putting extra strain on the servers?

    There's clearly a DoS issue at the moment.

  • Disappointing that there has been no response from Support, we've got several members saying they are at the point of taking a break for a while because the game is so unstable at the moment.

    This is serious Rail Nation, people are really fed up with the lag and constant refreshing, so please take this on board and don't ignore us!

  • Here we go again with the unfortunately an error has occurred you should be able to continue your game after reloading. This is happening every few minutes, I’ve had happen at least 10-12 times today.

    Got to point where I was so damn frustrated that shut the game down for a few hours and decided I better things to do. Yet we only get canned answers from support.

    We were told with the last update that this problem was fixed well guess what it’s still happening.

    I won’t play the game anymore on my PC I went there yesterday to buy some gold for the two game worlds I play on. It took me over an hour to complete a task that should take 10 minutes.

    Kept having to refresh the game I’m to the point where I don’t want to give Rail Nation anymore of my hard earned money.

    Why should I give a company money every week? When I get is a game that is so dang frustrating to play and doesn’t work as it should.

    I’ve been playing this game since 2013 and the bugs that were present back then are still here today. The standing joke with Rail Nation is fix 5 bugs create about 10-15 more.

    You all keep saying a new app is coming and a lot of the issues are caused by the app still running flash player. Been hearing that excuse for way too long.

    If you switched the browser version to html 5 why didn’t you switch the app at same time. Here in America that’s what we call a half assed job.

    Fix one bug create 10 more I guess that will be the legacy of Rail Nation pretty embarrassing legacy to be known by.

    I would not ever recommend this game to any of my friends or even my worst enemy. You all are a joke and an embarrassment to online gaming.

  • We're at the bad gateway time of day again.

    I've just had a member complain to me that it's taken him 3 attempts to move his trains.

    I hope he does, else he's just one of the silent ones who suffer along until the day comes when they just stop playing, we've had a few of those this round.

    Rail Nation, I hope you're listening -- there are times when people are so fed up and frustrated that they stop talking and just quit!

    If you ain't hearing about this from Support it's because they're too fond of sending template letter replies and burying the issues.

  • Why is RN not listening or doing anything about these errors

  • We've been chatting together on Loch Ness again today to share our experiences and try to figure out just why Rail Nation has got so unstable lately.

    We've come up with their being two sources for the problems:

    1. The Bad Gateway issues which I started this ticket about, it's frustrating to spend ages getting thrown out and logging back in every evening. This is bad enough and may be cause by excess pressure on the RN system because of other issues.

    2. The other source of the problems appear to be stemming from a BAD PATCH which was recently applied, where the Train Interface was partially patched and when we try to move trains, all kinds of exception errors and functions fail until all you can do is refresh to get going again.

    We've had a look at all the exception errors ourselves and respectfully ask that someone from Rail Nation listens to us and looks at the problem please!

  • Oh its always our fault for not doing above nope its a big problem at least have the bottle to reply and tell us the servers are a mess and need fixing