Bad Gateway

  • So Rail Nation is finally going to investigate the issue with the unfortunately an error has occurred. Gee whizz that issue was raised on the 5th of April by Toots. Heaven only knows how many times it’s been discussed on Discord and 100’s if not 1000’s of support tickets.

    So now you’re going to investigate and come up with some lame excuse and some stupid work around. Why don’t you just come out and say the game is fuc$ed up and we don’t care but please keep giving us your money.

    So your investigation will take who knows how long or else it’ll be will get around to it when we feel like it. We’ll just put another patch on it and hope it holds. But we know that these patches are only going to hold the water back for so long.

    Why is it we never get the truth from Rail Nation why not just admit you all have lousy code writers and lousy technical people and big shots that are too cheap to let you all fix the game correctly because it might affect their quarterly bonus