Bans and similar account related decisions to be kept out from forum

  • Hello dear railroaders,

    Account related decisions made by Rail Nation team members, be it in support, chat, in private conversations or anywhere else are to be kept out from public forum.

    Why can't these things be shared in public?

    Players are protected by data protection laws, and RN team members can never participate in the conversation and share the full story. All background data will be kept safe between the player and the team members. There can never be a free and fair discussion on any public forum. Players can throw their arguments, but it's impossible for RN team members to confirm anything or argue in these discussions. There's no goal or final stop so to say.

    RN team members have access to data that we can't always share with players. Some ban situations can include technical details or player's history details that only team members will know of. Other players will never know why someone has been banned, but there is always a reason and documentation to back it up. Players do get a warning or multiple warnings before any penalties - unless it's a particularly grave rule violation.

    What can I do if I disagree with a decision made by RN team?

    On forum, you can contact your closest Moderator, or go one level higher and approach the Community Management nEwW or Flawless.

    In-game, you can contact the game support (question mark top right corner).

    Have a happy ride with Rail Nation,

    Your Rail Nation team