Cannot transfer gold even though it let me transfer it in

  • I played a round of Steam over Europe on the an RU server, I transferred my gold from the previous round, no problem.

    Now That I am trying to transfer it to my current round I get a "Cannot transfer" message:
    I don't want to play on non-English servers any longer because it is too difficult for non-native speakers.

    How do I get this back?

    It will now only transfer to RU servers even though It didn't even originate in an RU Server.

  • If - as you say - it did not originate from an RU Server, that origin must have been an "international" server (unless there was a bug in the transfer before). The rule is: transfer is only possible within the same "domain" ... and they count international servers as a different domain to "US" servers. One exception: from international servers you can transfer to any other domain ... but as you see, not back.

    However, as I see it, there is another point: if you purchased gold, especially to the international server you played on, you gave real money, which means you made a contract to be able to use your virtual currency (gold) in the game. But that's, as it went, is now restricted to RU servers only, which it wasn't. when you purchased the gold.

    So, maybe you can talk to support, explain, where you got the gold, and ask them to transfer to US or international servers. so you can get it back. There are two things that might happen. They might either tell you "You should have read the TOS and transfer rules more carefully so your gold will stay in RU only servers" .... or .... they might be happy about a customer willing to play more and transfer your gold for you.

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