PPS from Titles on Crankshaft

  • No one was awarded their PPS from titles last night.

    Kinda getting infuriated with having to double check everything in this game. Trains not always going where you want, investments locking up the screen, tables don't update $$ for pax, overall lag and now this, I've noticed this before when I didn't get a message for being rewarded for title pps... but I didn't think the game was this bad

  • Hello Baron Mikel,

    I understand that you are upset with the latest period of the game where we are facing several issues affecting gameplay and stability. Our team of CM´s ( We provide feedback and plan to make better ways to communicate issues etc. ) together with the Developer and Tech teams are working towards stabilizing the game and making it enjoyable to everyone.

    The issues you described will be investigated, for you to get your prestige which you missed, please raise a support ticket.