Pollux Train

  • So after a couple weeks, I have noticed, it's not entirely random, as most of us in my Assoc usually get the same upgrade Daily (with one or two getting something different, if they have missed a day).

    2) how many total upgrades is there? I'm just curious as if you start an era late, you won't be able to get more than 1 upgrade per day, so your pollux will be weak for your game. I was under the impression that you COULD get more than one upgrade per day, but once you get your "one", it appears to turn off the purple part so relatively impossible to get a 2nd upgrade.

    3) Videos still all over, and po'ed about not being able to keep everyone's bonuses maxed.

  • Everyone gets the same upgrade (those who collect it from start of the game every day) and there is only one upgrade per day. So yes, if you skip a day or start later, then your Pollux will be weaker.

    The "one upgrade per day" rule was known since the beginning. The fact that everyone gets the same upgrade was a surprise for me as well when we noticed it. I guess it is random cause you never know what you´re gonna get (until a co-player who already got it tells you :D)

  • On the X2 server you get two per day and they come in "random" order. If you can call two random that is. Everyone gets the same two but they may get either one first!

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  • Having played now most of 6 eras on one server and most of 3 on another, both x2, I can say one thing. I've not missed any days of upgrades in all those and once only have I gotten the 2 available upgrades in the minimum number of videos (i.e. 4, to get 2 bonus videos). However, too many times for me to remember, it's taken all 28 (2nd upgrade on the 14th bonus video).

    Bollux would be a better name. The videos are about 30s long on average, but you can't watch 2 in a minute as you have to wait for it to open, then click on whatever reward, etc. I've not actually recorded it, but I would say the average is at least 16 videos per server per day, might be more. Tedious.

    BTW, the max upgrades go to 20 on each item, so 20 wagons, 100% reliable, 200 km/h, etc., except for goods class of course which maxes at 6, obv. Making that goods class upgrade one of your daily upgrades also sucks, IMO, they should automatically add that each era.

    With 3 days to go on the X2, It currently shows 19 cars, 95% reliable, 17 accel, 170km/h so there are 11 more upgrades in theory, but only 6 more I can get. I guess you can continue watching videos in EG, but that only adds 2 more days at best. So you can't ever max the thing.