Mockery of players

  • Undo this game patch immediately !!!!

    I can not play.

    The error appears immediately after logging into the game.

    The game tells you to check your internet connection from time to time !!!

    Scheduling is almost a miracle.

    This is some paranoia, not a game.

    I assume you have no idea what you've bothered to do again, so please go back to the HTML5 baseline and then slowly make adjustments.

    And test them on a minimum of 25 trains and 25 connected cities with all factories.

    If it works for you then, then you will upload it to the servers.

    I won't take a cent for the above-mentioned organization of the programmers' work, but finally find some professionals!

    and release those preschoolers who deal with your corrections.


  • The issues were NOT connected to the payment shop outages. I am still being kicked off the server every 3 minutes (even more frequent than every 5 minutes before your so called 'fix').

    Your imagination and creativity for thinking up fixes is amazing. Fact is, you test nothing, you do not check anything nor do you play your own game. If you did, you would quickly see the problem is still there.


  • The issues were NOT connected to the payment shop outages. I am still being kicked off the server every 3 minutes (even more frequent than every 5 minutes before your so called 'fix').

    Your imagination and creativity for thinking up fixes is amazing. Fact is, you test nothing, you do not check anything nor do you play your own game. If you did, you would quickly see the problem is still there.


    In the city I am playing, several associations, the complaints are too many to count. And what is worse, they are exactly the same bugs as before the patch, but, more frequent.

    I even came on line a short while ago to find all my PAX engines parked in factory facilities. I logged out hoping to fix the problem. It did, eventually, but, it took several attempts to get back in only to have the game freeze me out immediately! This is NOT fun. X(

    In this world there is nothing softer or thinner than Water.

    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.


  • It's a simple matter for me.

    The company just wants to make sure that mistakes don't prevent players from sending cash.

    The rest are of no interest to them.

    From the moment I realized it, I stopped getting nervous and stressed.

    Decision makers are blindfolded, like racehorses.

    The problem is that due to such decisions, the game will crash, because there will be no more willing to play.

    The best payment solutions will not benefit your business if there are no players willing to take advantage of them.

    Your loss, at your own request.

  • Endgame running. I switched all my trains simultaneously to one good just to find half the trains parked in the city the next day. Thanks for that! And now, I can't log in to any of the servers on my phone or PC.

  • Translated by CM:

    .I can also no longer log in to any server. The guys who are responsible for the servers here would have been kicked out by us.

    Please use ENGLISH ONLY on the official english forum.

  • Code
    No offense - but the desire to earn has obscured the efficiency of the game. Application - failure
    PC - not better.
    In a moment, the programmers themselves, or whoever is there (pretending to know) will be able to play because the rest will give up.
    Travian's embarrassment and a meter of silt reached.
    Four hours of maintenance, and bugs and problems have stayed, even better - they attack more often.
  • Translated by CM:

    .I can also no longer log in to any server. The guys who are responsible for the servers here would have been kicked out by us.

    Please use ENGLISH ONLY on the official english forum.

    There was an outage for which we apologize. The announcements about the update took place on discord as the forum was also mostly unreachable.
    You can join our discord for updates here: Rail Nation Official

  • The technical department is working on resolving existing problems. It is not possible to working on all of them at once, and as we announce the priority is given to server stability and error messages, even though it does not mean the rest is not worked at.
    We update the game periodically, but I can´t give you an exact date for next update or it´s content yet.

  • Its been over a year since you switched from pretty well working game to this sorry but garbage. Not one update since has made the game more livable. When do we get:

    - better server stability/connectivity, esp. during weekends, city comps and endgame

    - fixed ingame forum and chat, as it is crucial for team game to have some means of communication

    - fixed all the error messages, that pop up out of nowhere, since the last patch im getting one even before i finish my first logging in

    - im not using mobile app to preserve my sanity, but im told that the situation there is much worse

    On one hand your service is getting worse and on the other you keep asking for more money. The pollux update was the last straw. At least third of my corp is quitting after this round, we are staying till endgame only not to screw up the rest of our guys. I also do wonder how the endgame will look like. Last time half of people got kicked and couldnt connect for couple of hours, so that was fun. During last year my server lost at least a third of its population.

    I have never played any game that would screw itself so hard.

  • What you did today transcends all lines of ignorance.

    Even with the good will of the players, it is difficult to explain what is happening other than by intentionally acting to the detriment of the players.

    During the City Competitions (once a week!), Someone pasted a link to the blog about the competition for the locomotive on the servers.

    This seemingly trivial activity completely suspended the servers when changing train timetables (during the competition!)

    Phones were warming up between players because everyone wanted to know if the problem was only with their computer or with other players.

    A quick link check on the game page showed error 502, which indicates a problem with your server.

    You have to be completely ignorant to put something on slow servers at the most important moment of the week in the game, which completely blocked the servers.

    In addition, the information is delayed by at least one week and you can wait until the end of the competition.

    This can be done at night, for example!

    No! There must have been a breakdown (TG's fault of course) on the weekend when most (or all) of the technicians are out of work!

    Perhaps I am wrong in what I wrote above, but the experience of the last two years shows the validity of my assumptions.

    Hope you show class and compensate for what happened.

    2,000 gold pieces (not a ridiculous 5 tickets) for each player logged in to these servers is nothing compared to what your company will lose by giving up other games en masse.

    Have you experienced it once and made no conclusions?

  • They just simply don’t care they want you to keep spending money on a sub standard product. I hope they never put this game out for people to actually buy and install on there computers. I shudder at that thought. I would never recommend this game to any of my friends who enjoy playing on line games. I’ve played a lot of really buggy games but this has to be the worst.

    The really sad part of this is all the excuses we get in there official statements is a total joke. It makes everyone at TG look like a bunch of blooming idiots.

    I stopped playing the endgame game on com 202 yesterday because I couldn’t take anymore of constantly being kicked off the game. I shudder to think how much prestige I lost by doing that.

    I don’t usually quit at anything but when it’s gets to the point where I want to throw my phone through a plate glass window or punch a hole in my computer monitor or come on the forum and just let loose then I know it’s time to walk away.

    Having to replace my patio window and buy a new phone and a new computer is just not worth it. Maybe a ban from the forum or a ban from the game would be a good thing for me.

    I don’t think it would be good for TG because they would really miss the money I spent on multiple servers I guess maybe I should limit myself to just one server.

    Heck they kicked me off the official Rail Nation Discord channel yesterday because they couldn’t handle me calling them out for their incompetence and lame excuses for the game not working.

    Thing is they didn’t stop me from playing the game or talking with the team of players I play this game with all they did was stop me from being a pain in their rear ends.

    Is Rail Nation ever going to get with the program here and give the players who made them so successful a decent return on our investment in or do we all need to go through Rail Nation withdrawal before they finally get the message.

    I won’t hold my breath on them ever having the lightbulb go on.

    I think they are hoping their core players walk away because then they can get a whole new group of players who are clueless about the bugs in the game some since 2013 and hope they will spend money.

    I took a 2 year break from this game due to health issues and bugs in the game. They convinced me to come back by letting me know they had fixed over 300 bugs. I think I got conned because the game isn’t really that much better then it was 2.5 years ago.

    Some people are just too thick headed to realize they are shooting them selves in the foot and don’t even know it because the pain signal hasn’t reached their brain yet

  • I don’t assume anything with Rail Nation nor do I trust anything they say or do anymore. They’ve been caught in so many lies and cons it’s maddening.

    They are putting profits ahead of people we the players are the ones who have made them so successful.

    Without us spending either a great amount of money or just a little bit the people they employ would not have jobs or be able to feed and house their families.

    Many of us play this game for different reasons. I play it to relax and forget about work for a while. I also play because I have made friends all over the world and because I actually enjoy the game.

    With all these bugs and errors that have plagued this game since I started playing in 2013, they either don’t know how to fix them or else the big wigs tell just put a patch on it.

    As I’ve said over and over again, pretty soon the patched dam breast isn’t going to be hold back all that water behind it.

    The really sad part of this whole thing is, that people are fed up with the lies and canned responses and the nonsensical official statements.

    People are just leaving the game regardless of how much gold or plus account time they have left. They’re just saying it’s not worth it anymore, I’ve given them every opportunity and I’ve even donated to the game and they still won’t fix anything.

    I guess Rail Nation has come to a cross road here, it’s entirely up to them as to which direction they go. Do they continue down the present road and continue to make excuses for themselves and continue to lose players every time a round ends.

    Or do they take seriously what their players are saying on the forum and in the discord channel. Start by hiring competent technical people and support and community managers that will give more than canned responses. Please stop telling us you’re sorry and understand our frustrations with the game because we know that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

    If you were truly sorry and understood our frustrations you would not put out such an inferior product and expect people not to be upset. For those of you here that remember the game Truck Nation that was a sinking ship for TG. They put the game out as a different version of Rail Nation you did pretty much the same thing as you do in Rail Nation just with trucks not trains.

    Well Truck Nation was only around for a little over a year and then went away. Reason being they couldn’t make any money on it. Because it was very lame secondly it had the same bug problems as Rail Nation they refused to acknowledge those bugs and always said it was on the players end not theirs. When they got enough complaints about something they would do a patch or give us a work around or better known as a half ass$$ job.

    Well to make a long story short Truck Nation is no longer one of the games offered by TG anymore. I fear if Rail Nation doesn’t get their act together soon Rail Nation will suffer the same fate. I don’t play any of the other games offered by TG so I can’t speak to how buggy those games are but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the same or worse. But Rail Nation is at a critical point right now and like I said what they do will determine if I and 1000’s of other players just silently walk away we’ve given Rail Nation 8 years to get their act together.

    We’ve said oh it’s a new game or maybe they just made a mistake or this or that or the other thing. We’ve given you the benefit of the doubt we’ve even allowed for but the pandemic well that ones not going to fly anymore because things are starting to get back to normal.

    So the decision is up to Rail Nation as far as I’m concerned I’m giving you one more full round on com 202. If I keep encountering the same bugs and errors and issues as I have over the last 8 years this will be my very last round. Because at that point I won’t give a damn weather Rail Nation sinks or swims because I’ve had enough of the excuses and canned responses hearing we’re truly sorry we understand your frustrations. Hire some competent technical people and just fix the BLEEPING game.

  • Stone The Cat you are making a mistake like many players.

    Enough of complaining.

    This game is no longer "Beta". This is a wholesome product.

    It's high time to get some German law firm interested in what TG is doing with its players.

    I think the refund to all players for the gold they have spent since the end of the Beta will effectively and quickly force TG to take our problems seriously.

    Additionally, a financial penalty of at least twice the amount that players paid during that time.

    I think that even for half of that, any law firm will be happy to deal with this problem.

    At most, TG will declare bankruptcy and our problems will also end, because the company and the game will disappear.

    No more lies and pretending that TG is solving problems with the game.

    Time to start taking us seriously.

    1. Attend regular meetings with the Rail Nation team on a monthly basis
    2. Bring your feedback and the feedback from the community you represent to the Rail Nation team
    3. Respond to other players' queries on topics that have been raised in the workshop

    After all, these are support tasks.

    Have all the people abandoned you?

    Are you looking for naive people for free? Are you tempted by a lovely made-up name?

    Give a decent rate, maybe I'll even learn English, and for Heavy money I'll do a decent audit for you.

    After all, for their own errors you do not give anything for free, and you want the slaves to work for free?

    Go to fix game bugs!

    11 people on the server and the game is barely running.

    They came up with ambassadors for free!

    Again, a total mockery of the players.

  • Probably you have missed the point.

    Players are demanding conversation with the devs for years to talk about the real problems.

    We are offering a way for them to get what they ask for with the Ambassador program and also harness the knowledge of the players who encounter these issues daily.

    We do not force anyone to join the program, and if you are not happy with the program requirements, you can leave us your feedback formed in a nice manner.