Support tickets

  • One thing that I think is at the heart of all this, is players not wanting to lose all that they have put into the game.

    You can never lose that.

    It is a part of your history that you will always have. That history is what makes you the PERSON you are right now. Rejoice in that, think fondly of those memories.

    If you are better off putting down the game for a period of time, then do that. If it's a better game down the road, then come back to it to find that level of entertainment that you think is worthwhile.

  • TG has already done something:

    For now we want to say thank you in advance for your patience whilst we work on these issue and as an apology to the whole community for the past few months of server issues, we’re releasing the following bonus code for 7 days free plus account:

    At least they started writing as is, not the proverbial flash cleaning :-D

    In addition, they slowly come back to giving the player something in exchange for the problems that occur and irritate everyone.

    You can see that it is worth writing here.

    For now, the light in the tunnel has appeared, we will wait and see how it will be

  • Lost PPS can't be given.

    Costing People/Cities top finishes is Lost CE points.

    So, I'd rather get CE Points as those take a while to regain