can't log into COM 101 Rocky Mountains

  • Can't get into Rocky Mountains since yesterday,,, clicking on the link gives me a blank screen ..

    Laready had major issues getting in to any server on saturday , especially into Journey where we had EG :(

    please let me know how to get this solved ..

    PS I don't have troubles getting into Big Ben though atm

  • Don’t hold your breath on getting in anytime soon they’ve had this issue for over 20 days now and in their words not mine the technical team is still investigating the cause of the issue.

    Which put more simply they don’t know what’s causing it and they have no clue how to fix it.

    We just finished an endgame on com 202 where every 5-10 minutes we would have to refresh the game in to move our trains for the next call. Of course we’ve been telling them about this for nearly a month now. Took almost a week for them to acknowledge our complaints.

    Took them another week to put a patch or hot fix or whatever you want to call it in to at least make it playable well they failed miserably at that fix because it’s still happening.

    The thing I’ve noticed though but they probably will never acknowledge it. The error seems to occur the most during peak playing times.

    Seems to be a lot less frequent once the players in the EU log off for the night. But then ramps up again around midnight US time which would be 6:00 AM in the EU because people are waking up.

    Which tells me and I’m not even a computer tech person that there servers can’t handle the load. Thus and therefore it causes outages which leads to people being kicked out of the game.

    So in layman’s terms it means they need to buy more servers and more network space which is very expensive and would cause a major hit to their profit margins.

    Hey look at that I just solved the latest issue in the game. I told you when it’s happening and what you need to do to fix it.

    But we all know that it will never happen. You’ll just apply another patch in the game thinking that will solve it as usual.

    It’s expensive but such a simple fix but you’re never going to do the right thing. Just do another patch job and hope no one notices. Got news for you we’re wise to your little tricks