Pollux video limit survey results

  • Dear players,

    Following the announcement of the video limit, many of you voiced your concerns that this limit was too low. As a result, and to allow you enough time to try out the limit, we ran a survey in March so you could inform us of your feedback and criticisms.

    We received an incredible response to the survey, with 5,729 players participating. This was clearly a passionate topic for the community, and we truly appreciate you all taking the time to let us know how important it is.

    The results

    The results overwhelming confirmed that the community disapproved of the video limit at its current level of 56 videos. Most responses (71%) indicated a preference of more than 50 videos per day, with 53% stating a preference for the limit to be set to 80 instead. Surprisingly, 29% of participants felt the limit should be less than 50 videos per day, and only 8% indicated it should be between 111 and 160 videos per day.

    Next steps

    As the community has clearly shown that the video limit on x1 servers needs to change and that a limit of 80 videos per day would be appreciated, we have decided to increase the limit to 80 videos per day. This alteration is planned to be implemented in May, provided everything goes to plan. The video limits on game worlds with increased speeds will remain unchanged.

    We want to again thank the entire community for voicing their concerns and working with us to find an agreeable resolution to an issue you felt so passionately about. We hope that we can continue to work closely with you all to improve your gameplay experience on other topics in the future.


    The Rail Nation Team