Edit the Pollux formula for upgrade chance

  • I just got an excellent idea (in my head at least) about how to reward the ones with empty/limited pockets versus those with ~infinite gold.

    What if you change the formula for getting the pollux upgrades depended on how much gold spent in the game? Lets say you spend less than 500 gold per era (except the gold for plus and era packs), you get a chance of a 2nd upgrade on your pollux per day that era, until you have spent above 500 gold. If you spend above 500 gold-limit for the era by day 3, you miss the opportunity to get that 2nd upgrade. But when its era change, the gold limit for 2nd video resets, and you can use upto 500 gold again on era 2 before 2nd upgrade dissappears.

    I think it will feel more fair for those who do not spend gold, and maybe its rewarding too? If you get your Pollux maxed out by end of era 6, with 300km/h speed etc, you will passively tell others that you actually used a limited amount of gold for the whole round (max 500 gold x 6 = 3000 gold).

    So, if you are an active gold spender, you will still be able to upgrade Pollux, but it wont be as upgraded as the Pollux used by a player with less heavy pockets.

    Whats your thoughts? And to devs: is it doable to implement?