So much for the firewall update.

  • Game is nearly as unreliable as I've seen it, the worst since the launch of the HTML5 version.

    constantly see "an error occurred", constant lockups and need to reboot for almost every change of routes in endgame.

    If you don't get this fixed, I'm going to re-assess whether I want to play and spend money on your game. I play games for fun not to be constantly frustrated.

  • Our endgame on com 202 ended almost a week ago, we had the same issue got to the point where I got so frustrated with it that I had to make a choice between stop playing the rest of the endgame or possibly have to replace my plate glass patio window after I throw my phone through it.

    So it’s been almost a week since com 202 ended and they are still no closer to resolving the unfortunately an error has occurred issue. All I can say is WOW!!!! You would think this would be a top priority item.

    Instead their more concerned about the results of a survey about the video limit. I would think that players being logged into the game for more than 10 minutes would be a priority. I guess functionality of a game is not a priority.

    What’s really strange is while playing the game on com 202 I also played a round on Orgin Journey and believe it or not I didn’t hear anyone mention the unfortunately an error has occurred. I only had it happen one time.

    It’s really hilarious that they can keep a one event server working almost perfectly. But yet on year round server you can’t stay logged in for more than 10 minutes. It also appears that we are in for another round of total frustration.

    I will be limiting the amount of gold I will be in the new round starting on 04/30/2021.

    I propose that when our current rounds are over regardless of whether we are in the middle of the round or the round is getting ready to restart. That to let Rail Nation and TG we are serious in our statements that we all just stop playing the game for a round or two.

    It’s not like our gold or plus accounts are going anywhere, unless TG were to go belly up. I will commit to my proposal if everyone else will too.

  • Dear Stone the Cat,

    We are aware that the player experience is rapidly lowered by the current issues.
    We have just made a statement regarding the ongoing tech issues ( connectivity, login issues, etc. ) and we plan to give you more information on the error messages really soon.

    It is important to understand that there are several critical issues happening and the dev´s are working on all of them.
    We haven´t given up.

    Please read about the technical issues part here and use your RNSORRY2021 code: Rail Nation statement to community - Technical issues in past weeks

  • This 'more information' is nonsense. It does not explain why all users on the app are kicked off the server every 3 minutes. No error messages, just kicked off. You are certainly not pressing the 'add cpu power' every 3 minutes, are you? The game is COMPLETELY unplayable and 1 week extra Plus will not fix that. Thank you for the 'Sorry' but if the massive server kick problems are not being addressed, and only the error messages and log in problems are mentioned then there is still no hope.

    By the way, this has been happening for a month now and had NOTHING to do with end game or too many users logging in. The app simply decides to kick you off 100x a day while log in is totally fine.

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

  • They just don’t get it, a 7 day plus account is really nothing it’s not any skin of their backs.

    Now if they want to compensate us with a full round of plus account and 2,000 or 3,000 gold then I would say they are truly sorry.

    They also need to show some effort to fix things and not take a week to acknowledge a problem. Then take another week to give a half hearted attempt at fixing it. When in actuality they just made it worse.

    I don’t buy the part where they say it’s not truly on their end. When in actuality they control the game. If it’s not their fault then tell us who’s responsible for it so we can voice our concerns.

    I think we would all be much more understanding if we wouldn’t get template responses from support. We have no one else to reach out to when either something doesn’t work in the game or if we suspect a rule violation.

    We’re not allowed to contact the technical team or upper management. When in actuality they are the only ones who provide any solutions. Support and the community managers are not able to fix any issues.

    Weather it be the inability of the technical team not being able to fix something or weather it’s that upper management just won’t allow it to be fixed.

    Not a single player of this game expects to have a game with no issues. But we do expect the game to be functional and stable so that whoever wants to play the game has an enjoyable experience.

    The game is not fun when during high traffic periods we spent more time logging back into the game then we do actually playing the game.

    That frustration just continues to grow when we contact support and we get some cheesy response. Or we’re told it’s a known bug that will be addressed in a future update. Or we’re told every online game has bugs and issues. To me that’s like saying we’ve addressed your concern so just go away.

    Then we get more frustrated when we get the official response from Rail Nation. Along the lines of we are truly sorry for current issues in the we understand how frustrating it is. But rest assured we are working on it. Then the issue continues to occur. We’re never given any timeframe as to when it will be fixed or what we can do to possibly minimize it.

    Then we get upper management and they give us a couple lottery tickets or a week of plus account or a free engine skin. Which just adds more frustration to an already tense situation. Simply because we see upper management a culprit in all this because we feel like they are preventing issues from being corrected. The cheap compensation is not costing them anything.

    Then the end result of all this nonsense is Discord the forum and Twitter all blowup because the people who made this game so successful are treated like second class citizens.

    This whole issue could have been handled much better just like a lot of other issues over the years.

    If the technical team would have acknowledged our concerns within a day or two of the issue occurring and not waited a week to even acknowledge it.

    If support would have put some feeling behind what they were telling people. We would have most likely been more understanding.

    If the community managers were not telling people to watch their criticism of the company by threatening to ban people from discord or the forum. (I was given one of those discord sanctions).

    If upper management would have put out a more heartfelt official statement and said they are personally trying to address this with the technical team and it’s our number one priority.

    But none of that happened, we were basically completely stonewalled. Told to sit down and shut up. Then given cheap compensation. Today is the first time we’ve ever received any kind of detailed explanation of what is the cause of the issue.

    But we haven’t been given any assurance that it will be fixed in a timely manner. Like I stated earlier none of us except perfection. We just want to be able to enjoy the game and not spend more time logging back into the game then we do anything else.

    Stop telling us to not voice our concerns about the game. Regardless of how critical unsympathetic that may sound. By threatening us with bans or sanctions. Because regardless of weather Rail Nation wants to admit or not our criticisms are well founded. Rail Nation has a deplorable track record for fixing things because the same issues keep occurring.

    This a leads to extreme distrust in anything Rail Nation says or does so our only recourse is to to be critical of the company and anyone associated with it.

    It also gives rise to us giving bad feedback on surveys and telling people on other games that the game is really not worth their time.

    It also causes us to give bad ratings to the support team and also leads us to write bad reviews as well as telling our friends and neighbors to avoid the game like the plague.

    Rail Nation has brought all the negative feelings about the game and the company on themselves. It will take years of extreme effort on the part of Rail Nation to win my trust back. As well as trying to get new players or win back any of the players who have left the game because of all the bugs and errors.

    So Rail Nation and TG if you hope to win my loyalty again and maybe get some of the long term players back that left. You have an extreme amount of work to do. I’m willing to give you one more chance only because the game is actually fun when it’s stable and functioning as it should. The only other reason I continue to play is because of all the friendships I’ve made with people all over the world.

    So my question is will Rail Nation step up to the plate and do the right thing. Or will we see more fumbling and discounting the people who have made you so successful.

    Without us and our willingness to keep donating to the game there would be no Rail Nation and most likely no TG. So it’s really up to you as to weather you continue to lose your core players the ones who actually spend real money in the game.