Rail Nation statement to community - Technical issues in past weeks

  • Dear players,

    As most of you have noticed, over the last few months we have been experiencing an increasing frequency in server instability on the weekends or during endgame weeks. We want to openly apologise for this and the disruption it has been causing. Furthermore, we’d like to give you an explanation for why this has been happening and what you can expect in the coming weeks.

    :!: Server provider switch issues: :!:

    At the beginning of the year and the back end of 2020, we started a transition of our servers to new server hosting with the goal of it providing better, further reaching support, for our server demands. Most of the game world servers have now been transitioned to the new hosting, but the DE servers have not yet.

    In the process of transitioning, several previously unidentified issues came to light. Most of these related to requiring us to increase our log in server capacity due to mass login’s slowing or crashing the login servers. That issue was resolved, but still it took a bit of time and impacted you regularly whenever there was a large requirement for user to log in all at once (on the weekend during new server starts, endgame weeks etc). We are truly sorry for this.

    :!: On-going issue: :!:

    One of the most recent unidentified issues that recently came to light, is far more impactful and likely to continue to cause issues whilst we are working hard to fix it as a priority.

    To give a generalised explanation of the issue, the normal process for the Rail Nation team whenever we have an endgame start or reason for high user login on a server; is to add additional CPU power to keep those servers stable. On the old server hosting platform, we followed a different process using scripts and still need to for the servers not yet transferred to the new software. However, on the new hosting platform it has become apparent that whenever we increase processing power for end game server starts, its kicks out all users on all game worlds. This then has a knock-on effect with people logging in all at once, which crashes the login servers and causes more players to be impacted.

    Clearly, this issue is of critical importance to be resolved as we regularly have end game starts and we do not wish to kick out all players whenever this happens. Here is our current problem and the cause of this issue is within the hosting platform itself and not on our side. So we are working tirelessly with the platform providers to resolve this.

    :?: What happens next: :?:

    The likelihood of the mass kick out events continuing is high, though we are putting thing in place to ensure that users can log back in as quickly as possible without the login servers crashing. So the disruption should be minimal.

    We will continue to work with the server hosting platform to fix the mass kick out issue and any other on-going issues that have come to light as a result of the transition.

    For now we want to say thank you in advance for your patience whilst we work on these issue and as an apology to the whole community for the past few months of server issues, we’re releasing the following bonus code for 7 days free plus account:


    available until: 2021-05-12 00:00:01 UTC One activation per person.

    Your Rail Nation Team