IOS app is getting unusable

  • Hi!

    I waited more than month with this question - but now I have to ask:

    Are you gonna do something with IOS App? Since month or more it's getting worse and worse... Every 2 minutes app brakes down, sometimes I have to login 5 times in a minute! Inside the app - you are lucky if half of the functionality work! Some of them have vanished long time ago (f.ex. actual speed of a train or hometown changing) and no one cares! I really don't know what are you waiting for - because almost every user is tired with this... There were some fuckups in the past - but now it happens 30 times a day.

    If you don't fix it - I'm out.

  • Hello.

    Many of the issues are connected to different tech issues which we communicated and are not directly related to the app.
    As of the app bugs, we are working on a new version of the mobile app built on a new technology to provide better player experience.
    I can´t provide you a release date as of yet. We will keep the community informed in our announcements and Blog posts.

  • So they'll be done with it in about 2025.

    Until then, players will have to live with the fact that they will have to buy huge amounts of expensive data volume! What cheek!

    And the CEO of this company is still officially boasting in a public interview that mobile gaming is the future.

    Surely he is right - but surely Rail Nation will no longer be part of this future because it will no longer have any customers. :thumbdown::cursing::thumbdown::cursing::thumbdown::cursing::thumbdown::cursing::thumbdown:

  • Leave the CEO of this company or he'll get hiccups.

    Was that unfortunate CEO going to tell them? Truth?

    That they can't handle game problems?

    That they are having a massive outflow of players?

    (This is basically just good, because the product is great, only we have a grudge, no matter what! And we only interrupt their work!)

    Profits are falling and they cannot afford to hire programmers?

    At least he wasn't lying - mobile gaming is the future.