Design an engine contest Poll

  • Please vote your favourite entry of the Design an engine contest 85

    1. Vlad Rockefeller (33) 39%
    2. Kelot (47) 55%
    3. AngelOfShadows© (5) 6%

    Dear players,

    as the majority of you might have noticed already the Design an engine contest has ended recently, therefore we are happy to announce the winners of this event. The Community Management Team has selected the Top 3 submissions by a vote, however it was not quite easy to make this decision, especially considering the significant amount of entries.

    Many thanks in advance for the numerous entries and the remarkable designs, there are various concepts that each exhibit their individual theme. :saint:

    Now it is up to the community to decide which of the following submissions comes at which place - be sure to vote for your favourite design below! <3

    :!: Vlad Rockefeller#8484 :!:

    :!: Kelot :!:

    :!: AngelOfShadows©:!:

    First and foremost, congratulations to the winners depicted above, we have had a lot of astonishing entries which made it exceedingly difficult to choose. :thumbup:

  • 1) Kelot

    2) AngelOfShadows

    3) Vlad Rockefeller#8484

    Życie jest krótkie, więc łam zasady: wybaczaj szybko, całuj powoli, kochaj szczerze, śmiej się bez opamiętania i nigdy nie żałuj niczego, co wywołało uśmiech na Twojej twarzy.

  • Wieso ist die Bug Lok nicht dabei, die hatte die meiste Zustimmung?

    Winners and their selection: 3 winners will be selected, globally and not per region. The Community Management Team will choose the 3 best designs from all participants, and the community will then vote on their order (1st, 2nd and 3rd).

    Auswahl der Gewinner: Es werden weltweit drei Gewinner ausgewählt, nicht pro Region. Dabei wählt das Team vom Community Management unter allen Teilnehmern die drei besten Designs aus und die Community stimmt dann über die Reihenfolge ab (1., 2. und 3. Platz).

    Ich denke, jetzt ist alles klar

  • Dear Support

    Today I found out that one of our players got covid19.

    It's hard for him to play RN right now, so I'd like to pass my prizes from this contest to that person.

    It doesn't matter which place I get.

    That's all I can do for him.

    I will not use the codes assigned to me. (for 5 tickets to participate in the competition and a code for taking a place in TOP3)

    I officially ask for permission to pass my codes to this person.

    For obvious reasons, I will not give his nickname.

    Thank you in advance.

  • That´s a really nice gesture towards your fellow player, and we can only commend this.
    You will be allowed to transfer the prizes to someone else. We will contact you for more details privately.

  • Hello dear players! :)

    as you might have noticed already, the Design an engine contest has ended recently. We have received various submissions and votes from you but now it is time to unravel the secret and announce the winners of this competition.

    Please keep in mind that the winners of the 1st, 2nd as well as 3rd place were entirely selected based on the votes from the community poll.

    :!: Competition Winners: :!:

    1st Place:


    2nd Place:

    Vlad Rockefeller#8484

    3rd Place:


    Many thanks again for the numerous entries and the remarkable designs and congratulations to the winners of the contest! :thumbup:

    Your Rail Nation Team :engine1: