The Great Train Hunt

  • As the Rail Nation Train Month draws to a close, we have one final challenge for you. This won’t be easy, and no doubt will need you to do some thorough investigating.

    :!:The Great Train Hunt:!:

    Following an intense night of negotiating trade routes, Adam’s extensive train collection has been misplaced and he needs help taking stock of what trains he can find.


    :!:Contest details:!:

    The contest takes place on forum in each RN community, and on Discord in English section. You can participate in one community, by posting one single answer.

    Start date: 04 June 2021, 14:00 CEST (12:00 UTC)

    End date: 16 June 2021, 14:00 CEST (12:00 UTC)

    Task: Make a list of all the trains you can see within the image provided (Click here)

    • You do not need to name their location or highlight them on the image
    • Submissions are allowed in English and/or in the regional language where you participate (E.g. If you participate in the Spanish community, you can write the name of the trains in Spanish or English).
    • We will not tell you how many trains are in the image, there are a lot and some of them are hidden in mysterious ways
    • In-game train name or the technical name of the train (as per in-game description) are both acceptable

    You can find all the Engine names in-game so make sure you visit a game world for clues. (click here)

    :!: Prizes::!:

    Available per each community (COM, CZ, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, RU), in 3 categories:

    1st place: 200 gold, 5 lottery tickets, 5 days Plus Account (1 winner per community: the first player who wrote the most correct train names)

    2nd place: 100 gold, 5 lottery tickets, 2 days Plus Account

    3rd place: 5 lottery tickets, 1 day Plus Account

    Note: 2nd and 3rd place winners will be determined based on the total number of participants per each region, and will only be communicated after the contest has ended.

    Your Rail Nation Team :thumbsup:

  • And you call these huge prizes?

    Hello Conrad Baker,

    I´m glad for your post and I hope you will also post an answer to the competition.
    We consider the prizes awesome ( as sent in IGM´s to gameworlds ). Based on player feedback the prizes are appreciated by a big part of the community and we have already raised the amounts and number of winners this year in comparison to previous years.
    We also have more contests and events than before, and we will continue to reward activity and participation within Rail Nation community.


  • Hello dear community manager,

    Here is my list of trains:

    Panther, Rhinoceros, Icarus, Morpheus, Elephant, Valkyrie, Boar, Lynx, Prometheus, Venus, Centaur, Hades, Donkey, Mole, Apollo, Aurora, Minerva, LMS Coronation Class (Duchess of Rail Nation), Ogre, Zeus, Herakles, Lindworm, Aten, Falcon, Unicorn, Hermes, Satyr, Career engine, Osiris, Odin, Black Bear, Medusa, Leviathan, Horus, Hydra, Primus.

    Have a nice day!


    Lacidd23 :):saint:

  • Hi!

    My train's list:

    Panther - PRR T1

    Icarus - TGV

    Valkyrie - EP20

    Boar - LNER A 4 Mallard

    Raven - Württemberg T3

    Morpheus - LTS M62

    Prometheus - V200

    Cheetah - LMS Coronation Class

    Lynx - J-1A

    Bat - Class A3

    Apollo - F59PHI

    Venus - Shinkansen E5

    Centaur - 143 Series

    Ogre - GMD GF6C

    Minerva - Eurostar

    Satyr - EMD AEM-7

    Herakles - ALCO RS 3

    Aten - LIMRV

    Falcon - Series 62

    Hades - Intercity 125

    Rhinoceros - Prussian G3

    Unicorn - ET22

    Hermes - TurboTrain

    Apollo - V160

    Donkey - Class D14

    Aurora - AGV

    Career Engine

    Basilisk - 4/4 II

    Black Bear - 232 TC

    Neptune - V100

    Odin - Class 55

    Minerva - Sapsan

    Hydra - ES64U4

    Boar - Series DR BR 44

    Herakles - Series V100

    Osiris - DSB Series MZ

    Horus - DR Series 130

    Leviathan - BB7200

    Panther - Series 05 001

    Unknown - Newag Dragon E6ACT