Worker Share Program

  • A corporation wins a worker, then invites friends to join the Corp, those friends get value from the worker, then return to their Corp.

    This was abused so much that the game was changed to stifle this with the introduction of a 24 hour cool down for joining corps. While it did work, if given the right circumstances could we see a return?

    The current meta on workers, is for a Corp to reform into a new Corp in order the get into a lower, less competitive, bracket for workers and get the premium workers easily for far less money and therefore far greater value.

    The live stream yesterday announced many of the unique features that will be in the forthcoming Platform X. Three of which, workers have greater effects, worker auctions cut in half (more workers in play), and corporations start with all 26 slots unlocked.

    I see this as ripe for a return of the worker share program. Five active players putting bids in a lower bracket for cheaper buildings and faster buildings, track worker and cheaper city connects, etc. Double the worker auctions means more chances to stack the worker past 24 hrs, then a whole bunch of open slots for people to hang out in for 24 hours before jumping to some other combo of workers.


  • the worker share I realy don't mind. We did it in the past also with our city assos. We discussed which asso bought a certain worker and people hopped between the city assos. It was easier to buy the workers and for less money. In my experience the asso's worked a lot better together as nowadays.

    We never went to smaller assos to have a lower tier for the workers, it was between the full city asso's.


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  • The return of the worker share program? It never left ^^

    You can join COM2 and see it in action, done exactly by those who profit the most, that is the 1st ranked player.

    When I challenged this issue on Discord I got immediately warned so... good luck with that!

  • More over, I'm going to paste here what I wrote on Discord regarding the new upcoming changes, which are all great except this one in particular, with the worker auctions.

  • I will add from myself:

    Equal prestige for delivering goods to cities with the same level of development, regardless of the number of players "connect" to the city.