Please remove the option of seeing a player's railway network and/or city population

  • Hello,

    Wouldn't it be interesting if players weren't able to check other player's railway network? Unless, of course, they are members of the same association.

    This, coupled with not being able to see which players have connected to a city, unless of course you are connected to that city as well, would make this game more strategic towards the end game. You would still be able to see the population of a city, in terms of numbers, but not exactly which players are connected until you reach the city.

    Right now it's easy as hell to figure out where an association is playing the end game and kind of defeats the purpose of having a strategy to begin with.

    What do you think?

  • L.E.

    Should be noted that being able to see a player's railway network has at least two benefits:

    1. You can check if a player who applies to your association is expanded around your desired city (from naike).

    2. It also allows you to check what the players from other associations are hauling at a given moment (from LaniDoodle).

  • I am actually quite good at chess, but this has nothing to do with chess.

    Mihai, no offense, but chess is a great example of a strategy game where everything is visible and yet the world championship is organized.

    The RN world championship will never happen, even the backyard championship will not happen, so there is nothing to prevent players' actions from being as visible as possible to everyone.

  • I am actually quite good at chess, but this has nothing to do with chess.

    In chess there's no hiding of your pieces either, is there.

    Do you play "quite good chess" without a strategy because your opponent can see any move you make, so what's the point?

    I bet not.

    That is what it has to do with it.

  • There may be times when hiding your tracks and station from others could be useful, but, remember, they would also be hiding theirs from you! Quid pro quo! So long as the exchange is equitable then it is fair and reasonable.

    The strategy here is in hiding your plan from the opposition for as long as possible. There are ways to keep the other teams guessing even into era 6.

    I do not want to lose the ability to see exactly what tracks any applicants to my association have or the condition of their station either. That is the one measure which is reliable other than recommendation.

    It is also very, very useful to be able to quantify the development of allies and who of your allies are following the city calls when leveling.

    Please, do not remove this facility.

    In this world there is nothing softer or thinner than Water.

    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.


  • In chess you have different openings suited for different other openings. Tactics change mid-game and more often than not you think at least 3 moves in advance. Game is so complex that no ending resembles another.

    How can you compare that with this game?

    What I am trying to say is that in just one minute I can figure out which association will play together and in which city. Asses their threat and figure out if I need to do something about it or not. In just one minute.

    The comparison between chess and this game is nonsense.

  • Rhoswen you are correct, and fair, when saying that this option has its benefits, ones that I overlooked. If it were up to me I would have considered that the exchange is quite equitable, it adds another flavor to the game.

    Right now it's pointless to make plans about your end game city, might as well announce it from day 1 era 1 and be done with it.

    There are associations that instruct their players to connect to the competitors to add weight to the city in terms of consumption and tonnage.

    I think a balance must be made here otherwise we all end up doing the same, round after round after round, without the element of surprise, without excitement, without refreshment.

  • I can compare chess to this game, and it is not nonsense.

    Because I can compare it to the issue you raise: being able to see your opponents moves.

    In chess you can as well. Perfectly comparable.

    What is not comparable about being able to see your opponents moves in chess, to being able to see your opponents moves in this game?

    You might not like it that your opponents can see your moves here, but it doesn't mean it's not comparable.

    In chess you can see just as much, if not more.

  • ...........

    Right now it's pointless to make plans about your end game city, might as well announce it from day 1 era 1 and be done with it.


    Sorry, I disagree, you can make plans and you can keep the others guessing, even your own alliance partners if you so choose, right up until era 6. We normally decide in era 3 which city we will use, but we do not have to and we do not tell the world. That is for them to find out. :D

    Last round, on the server I normally play, there was a city in 18th. place at the start of era 6. That city came second in the end game. It failed to make PAX in time, but, virtually no other players apart from their teams were connected so consumption was low for goods - it was in a far corner and had been no more than a tiny village, near the bottom of the pack, until late in era 5. Will they manage to pull that stunt again? Who knows? I think they are expanding and will try it again. Era 4 and nobody knows whether or where! but, a hell of a lot more will be watching! As for my alliance, we could play in one of several cities. Sure, most on the server will be making a pretty good guess. At the same time, we do not know which of two cities the other main alliance will play. (Taking bets!) It is era 4.

    As to the chess analogy, it holds true. Both players can see the moves made, and both can analyse the potential moves of the other but both players can hide their plan. How well a player can analyse the possibilities and how well a player knows his/her opposition are factors. Of course, against AI and in speed chess both are predictable.

    In this world there is nothing softer or thinner than Water.

    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.


  • All I can say is; I am struggling enough with the inequalities of this game that it would take very little to make me quit. The open state of the tracks and station are at the least an equality which has benefits. The situation is quid pro quo unlike "hot seating", worker auctions..................etc.

    To take those benefits away would, to my mind, not improve the game one iota. It would certainly make recruitment of players much harder. And tracking ally activity impossible. For me the candle would not be worth the light and I would most definitely quit.

    Try it out on Platform X perhaps, if you must.

    In this world there is nothing softer or thinner than Water.

    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.


  • I agreed with Mihai, since the main goal from RN during the 6 eras isn't to be 1st but it is to be at top 10 with the lowest level possible nothing wouldn't be better to hide the strategy from the opponents..

    And again, another person who comes up with fairy tales, because he cannot win individually or as a team.

    Soon we will find out that the winner is the person who sells all the locomotives, wagons and the bonus loco park in the city and collect the least prestige!

    Or the person who won't log in at all!

    What people do not come up with, to appreciated yourself.


    Only the person with the highest prestige wins in this game.

    The association with the highest prestige wins in this game.

    Th city that will take all the required goods and passengers first, wins final in this game.

    Whether someone likes it or not.

  • Well, if you like to keep playing the same way always until the end of days I think it's bette for you to change game (probably counter strike), I don't agree with so many things RN team does but one thing is for sure they are trying to bring up new things to "call" new players (good or bad we will see in the future), this is a strategy game and if you want to win you don't need to be stronger than anyone else you just need to be clever. To win as a city (and I'm use to win in cities with less players than the strongest cities) like we have the game now you must chose the right city for you and if you can hide your plan as mush as possible it's only better for you.


    I'm not the kind of player that "steals" prestige everywhere and then join the winning city for EG only winning because others did work hard during 6 eras. I'm the player that build up an association to win in the city I work all 6 eras to win and at the end I have one player that have top 1 in all possible ways to win (1st individual ranking, 1st association and 1st Mega City)

  • I'm not the kind of player that "steals" prestige everywhere

    What theft are you writing about ?!

    Whose prestige is it? Who is someone stealing it from?

    Did you read what you wrote? Probably not.

    I also disagree with everything RN does, and you can read it in this forum, but the winners system is clearly defined.

    You recall it yourself at the end of your own post.

    From your logic it follows that "this player of yours no1 is an ordinary thief, because he steals prestige from others", otherwise he would not be on the no1. :-)

    Of course, I am far from such distortions, but it is clear from your entry that you think so.

    I wonder if this no1 knows from you what you write about it?