Platform X: Titans Of Economy Is Coming! - New Features

  • Incredible, yet challenging new features:!:

    Take a look at what features will be available in the next Platform X: Titans of Economy:

    1. Players can now collaborate with each other right from the beginning of a gameworld as

    associations now start with 25 member slots. There is now a new 4th worker slot, and only 4 headquarter levels are needed to unlock this additional worker slot. Plus, the prestige and investment levels have been adjusted to support leveling up

    2. Trains will now be faster as the tile length has been reduced. This means that traveling greater distances to avoid high waiting times closer to home, might now be worth trying. Tractive force has been reduced for all trains, excluding the Pollux and the career engine, to counter the higher speed, which means that both engines are even more useful.

    3. The station shopping mall now costs gold to upgrade but you now earn gold from it

    4. Bonus for some workers will be increased the full list of workers can be found here

    5. Workers Auction will occur more frequently, every 60 mins instead of 120 mins

    6. Home cities now award you 50k PP for winning the end game (it was 10k). (45kpp for winning + 5k for the city being connected)

    7. We have increased both the licence bonus (10->20%) and the max workload for industry (300% -> 500%).This increase makes licenses more helpful, and also means industry’s will have the opportunity to grow a lot faster, additionally it means there can be increased waiting times in situations such as the Endgame.

    8. The number of license available in the auction at the same time has been doubled so that more players can have license and experience the improved bonus

    9. The bank limit in the lower levels has been increased making it easier for new players to do more initially

    10. We've reduced stock limits after a city levels up, from 33% to 0%. This is to earn more money after level-up and makes it more of a challenge to level your city.

    11. The prestige received for competing in competitions has been increased by 50% making competitions significantly more important for your overall ranking

    We cannot wait to invite you through the portal and into a world of new and exciting challenges that are waiting to be explored!

    You will be able to access the latest features in Platform X gameworlds, from 16.06.2021 at 14:00 CEST. See below for details on when your regional gameworlds will be starting


    Your Rail Nation Team