Platform X: Titans of Economy - Feedback and discussion thread

  • Fellow train managers,

    You haven´t tried out our newest Platform X yet? If not, head to the lobby and try it out now! :thumbsup:

    After several days passed in all servers of the Platform X: Titans of Economy we would like to hear your thoughts, experience, what you would like to change for the future, generally your feedback on this excitingly new scenario.

    Please use this thread as the official feedback thread for Platform X: Titans of Economy.

    Your Rail Nation Team.

  • There are many useful changes.

    Trains, workers, 25 member association, ....


    p.s. Special congratulations to Bruno_BF ! Really well done!

  • One thing comes up, that might be improved ... a visual effect.

    See, when the game was made, the movement of the trains was nicely animated, it looked good for a slow era 1 engine and still quicker but smooth in era 6.

    Now the calculated distances are reduced, so trains look quicker on the map, but animation steps were not changed.

    Still looks good on era 1 trains (finally they move) but already in era 2, when I watch the quicker machine (German Luchs) it looks like the train is hopping through the animation. Will look funny, when they become even quicker, like 200 - 300 km/h, maybe they will be jumping along the tracks.

    So, my suggestion is to talk to the animations guy in the team, to recreate smooth movement of the trains.

  • Faster trains are interesting, as competitions improvement is. Being a free hauler on certain servers this would be better for jumping between cities and competitions faster. And I find this more dynamic, especially while steam eras. 4th employee is nice too, I big assos this is sometimes difficult to please every players with workers, this would allow a better choice.

  • Hi Everyone! I am loving this round of Platform X. Best one yet. I really have no negative things to say about it thus far! I hope everyone is enjoying it and finds new features they love. And don't forget to let RN know all the features you do love about it! Have an awesome day!

  • Observed 469% utilization of a level 1 factory in start of ERA 3. Running direct on alternate hours seems the most profitable with fast trains.

    The new changes on Utilization of factories and the City warehouse emptied on a level should be best suited for American Dream than Classic. Without dependency on PAX, a strong associates can stay online for a 6-8 hours and do 3-4 city levels with very high profits and good amount of prestige by running direct. Repeat it on another city and a 3rd jumping around the map would be interesting.

  • There are always only 2

  • This is the plan for all platform X.

    So Bruno_BF had announced it

  • I can't really find nothing about a second round at second episode, and at the blog there is a clear mention that the 1st episode will have 2 rounds it doesn't say nothing about the next PX events.

    This looks a bit strange to me, a 2 rounds event but no announcement from any RN staff.

  • Die Idee von Platform X ist, dass wir immer 2 Runden mit den gleichen Regeln spielen, damit die Spieler das Gelernte aus Runde 1 in neue Strategien für Runde 2 umsetzen können. Danach kommt dann ein komplett neues Regelset für Episode 2 - Runde 1.

    Translation from German:

    The idea of Platform X is that we always play 2 rounds with the same rules so that the players can implement what they have learned from round 1 into new strategies for round 2. After that, a completely new set of rules comes for Episode 2 - Round 1.

  • enough. time to say goodbye to RN. from the middle of the 3rd season it is impossible to simply play. one action and relog because the second action cannot be performed, the game stops. unnecessarily bought gold, spent on the worst quality server. it is disrespectful to players to give such an underdeveloped server for a normal price as other servers. I do not recommend. no fun to play.

  • I think I have enjoyed this round very much. I had been away from the game for a while. But if the features introduced on this platform are upgraded on all servers, I may play a bit more. I really like the shopping center gold reward. It helps for those who are disabled/retired on a fixed income that cannot purchase a lot of gold with real money, but still want to enjoy the game. Thank you.

  • 10k prestige for winning End Game city

    I believe if this change was brought to the regular servers, it would creat less competition during EG. When I was playing on US.Broadway there was a problem of the “sure thing” EG city. If there is a close race for top player or top corp then neither will want to risk giving their opponent 50k as well as PPs earned for extra closed goods.. When you have the two top teams playing in the same city, there isn’t a motivation to play anywhere else, so everyone piles on.