Platform X: Titans of Economy - Feedback and discussion thread

  • It was a lot of fun round.

    I'm rly like :

    + to play with bonus cards, try to stack some of them for more effective.

    + new train balance, and attempt to use some new ways of research

    + faster indusries grow

    + workers ever hour, and more useful workers now

    +empty city after leveling

    and some others

    And didn't like:

    - EG, platfrom X with current rules destroy any attempt to competitive EG. too huge size of storage in the cities.

    - 4th worker slot. it allows to good associations take more workers and take monopoly. perhaps 2 slots will better than 4.

  • Granted the second round of Titans is the only one of the four Px rounds I’ve ever played

    Sadly people just want to put there cookie cutter tactics from classic and stamp them on whatever rule set a Px may have.

    I love theory crafting and would like to be with a group that really studies the game and adapts to changes to the game itself or the meta that casual players get browbeaten into that they don’t dare go against the cowboys leading the herd.

  • I doubt they will try on AD servers because the developers would need feedback on scenarios with classic options, on AD there are not passengers. On Soe, players are stuck in their own regions at the beginning so this may bring bad experience feedback about new gameplay options.

  • Yet the purpose of Px is to do live testing of new ideas for possible inclusion to all three standing scenarios. Supply prestige has severely altered tactics in AD where warehouse use is common place, yet SOE is so focused on leveling the Landmarks for region points, supply prestige doesn’t impact standard play.