Re-work the sitter system

  • One of the issues I see quite often is that of players who are online intermittently, either daily or off for a few days due to work etc.

    Granted, we have the sitter system which partly addresses this issue. However one problem with that is the fixed 12-hour interval before a sitter can intervene. For someone who's offline for several days, that's not too bad an issue.

    A player who is, for example, busy at work all day with no opportunity to log on, might spend many hours in unproductive hauling, yet the sitter can do nothing. The same can happen at night.

    So my suggestion, in the sitter settings, let people choose how long they are inactive before a sitter can intervene. Keep the 12h as maximum but offer shorter periods, even down to 3 or 4 hours. For players who know that they can't be online reliably multiple times per day, they could be reassured that they can contribute better. For corporation/association admin, they could remedy an offline player who's not hauling relevant goods more rapidly.

    There y'go, shoot it down in flames. Given that it would remain an option, I see no problem with shorter timeout-before-sitter.

  • Not going to shoot it down in flames. People who use the sitter function as it is meant to be used are not well served by the current system, particularly on the X2 servers where effectively 12 hour is 24 hours.

    There are those, however, who use the sitter service as a long term "replacement" service. I have no idea what can be done about this other than players either refusing to sit anyone or just dropping the person they are sitting. Either option goes against the grain, imo, for most players.

    Either way, however, 12 hours is definitely too long on a x2 server.

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  • I agree the sitters function needs a rework. Especially on 2x servers the cool off time of 12 hours is to long compared to the 1x speed. Another problem is the 15 days you can sit on a 2x server. At the moment for a large group of the players the annual summer holiday season will start soon or has started. If somebody goes on a vacation of two weeks the days are already consumed, with a three week vacation there are not enough days on a 2x server.

    I suggested a long time ago to change sitter days in sitter hours. Change the amount of days 30/15 to hours. Normally if you sit someone you are not for a very long period in one go online for the person you sit. This might be logging in several times per day to keep the account up to date and start some buildings or tracks, rescheduling etc. I don't think as sitter you spend often more than 1 hour per day active for the person you sit. With the hours option you can manage sitting a lot better.


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