Platform X: Titans Of Economy Round 2

  • Platform X: Titans Of Economy Round 2

    Dear players,

    First of all, thank you for your patience in waiting for an update around the second round of Platform X Titans Of Economy. We understand your excitement and eagerness to know more, we too cannot wait to start playing again!

    We can now confirm that the second round of Platform X: Titans Of Economy will go ahead, with gameworlds starting again between the 18th – 20th of August.

    However, as many of you have already pointed out, we needed to make a few changes due to an obvious balancing issue which heavily impacted the overall gameplay experience of players.

    After much review, we have reluctantly made the decision to remove the “Gold for the Shopping Mall” feature as it became clear that this feature needs to be rebalanced and was not working in combination with the other features, as planned. This means that in round 2, the shopping mall will be reverted to the standard upgrade for currency mechanic so it can no longer be upgraded for gold and will no longer give bonus gold. The gold earned in round one from the shopping mall, will remain and players are free to transfer it as per the normal gold transfer process (for more details on the gold transfer process, click here)

    Furthermore, with second rounds often hosting less players, players will not experience the fully intended platform X environment. So, to make the game more enjoyable, we will be reducing the number of servers in round 2, from 6 to 3. As a result of this, the server start package and pre-registration will not be available during endgame on any Platform X servers.

    The remaining servers will be as follows:

    18.8 : Comm-401 “Rosen” – International

    19.8 : DE-401 “Schrödinger” – German

    20.8 : RU-401 “Хокинг” – Russian

    If you played round one on a server that will not be restarting in round 2, we recommend that you join “Schrödinger” for DE players or the “Rosen” international server.

    Full information about the features and changes to the second round of Platform X: Titans Of Economy, will be published on the 9th of August and also discussed on the upcoming livestream planned for the 9th at 18:00 CEST. Further details of the livestream will also be announced soon.

    We hope for now that this information is helpful for those of you eager to get started.

    Look forward to seeing you in the next round,

    Rail Nation Team