Bonus train Pollux

  • To upgrade the Pollux you have to watch too many movies and that takes so much time that it is at the expense of the gameplay. For me they can either remove it or make it more fun that you have to watch fewer movies for an upgrade.

    I was watching, but, for medical reasons will not watch again. My pleasure in playing has been restored, so I will not miss it. Just annoyed to have a weak engine to carry forward to the end game. :( I would love to have it deleted or put it in the museum.

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  • I said that right at the first week.

    I regularly play 2 servers, both express, and always with plus account. Even so, on many days I have to watch 20+ videos to get the 2 available upgrades per day. Often I have to watch the full 28. Occasionally, under 10 and once that I can recall out of all the days since Pollux launched, I have had both upgrades in the minimum number of videos (4). The whole process can take up to half an hour EVERY day, and really is starting to become a drag.

    There are 2 issues:

    1) The Pollux is not THAT good. It doesn't compete, era-on-era, with the gold bonus train of that era. By endgame, after 6 weeks if you miss NO upgrades, you still can't quite have Pollux at max upgrades. That's mainly because the ability to haul each era's goods is treated as an upgrade.

    2) The amount of videos to watch (and consider that I always have plus account - those who don't or can't do that must watch even more) is out of proportion to the value of the train in the game. Yet we keep doing this? Of course, because not to watch and to simply ignore the Pollux puts you at a disadvantage compared with those who do. Even so it's become a dreary chore to constantly watch the same few adverts for Travian's own products over and over and over and over again. You can't credibly automate the process and now we even have an extra click to play the **** advert, for no good reason I can possibly imagine.

    How to solve this?

    Make the process more attractive - several possibilities occur to me which are not all mutually exclusive:
    1) make the era goods upgrades automatic and free (so they aren't one of your daily upgrades), which at least would make it possible to max-out the Pollux in time for endgame.
    2) reduce the required number of videos to half what it is now which makes it less of a daily task.
    3) leave the number of videos the same but allow more upgrades per day (say 3 instead of 2 on express server) or per week/era which would make the Pollux upgrade faster. It would start of quite useless, as now, but could be at full strength by era 4, and even if you missed some upgrades, still at full strength by endgame.

  • Why not just make the upgrades an additional daily login bonus detached from video watching.. Or just remove it. Put it down to a bad experience and/or an error of judgement. Attached to video watching it discriminates against players with certain disabilities anyway!

    In this world there is nothing softer or thinner than Water.

    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.


  • I wouldn't mind a few videos. 20+ a day per server is getting old very fast indeed. If you play on mobile, you can't watch but they time out on 30s and it has the same effect, so I suppose everyone has an equal chance to waste time or not.

    It's just so typical of the way some management thinks. I know what they're doing, they're getting watch numbers up for their ad server in hopes of selling ad space on it - a typical bean-counter plan. Meanwhile the Pollux which could've been a nice addition to the game is just flawed enough that we question whether it's worth it. It wouldn't need to be much better to make me convinced.

    And to add insult to injury, the graphic of the locomotive itself is comically bad. We wouldn't be playing this game if we weren't train nuts, but the number of simple-to-avoid basic errors in the train graphics shows a basic lack of care by whoever is producing them. We have tender locos without tenders (yet the passenger trains have them), several different scales in use (locos appear unnaturally big or small) and now we have the Pollux. The prototype for this engine is BIG. It's a US loco which means it's physically bigger than European or British ones, and it's a big loco even by comparison with other US locos. Amazingly, it DOES have its tender but it doesn't articulate.

    seriously guys, this stuff is not hard to get right and your game engine is capable of doing it: we already can see properly present tenders on the passenger trains, and there is at least one 2-unit articulated freight loco. How hard would it be to have all locos in the game made to the same scale? Makes no difference to the game play, of course, but a big difference to how the game appears.