Technical issues with gameworld graphic loading

  • Technical issues with gameworld graphic loading

    Dear players,

    For just over a week now, it has become apparent that the system used to load gameworld graphics (the CDN) has been experiencing technical difficulties. As a result of this, some players are seeing long loading times and graphic delay when loading assets in their gameworlds. Our CDN is provided by a third party supplier, who is currently investigating the cause of the issue and hopefully rectify it soon.

    In the meantime, our backend team are working on alternative options such as switching to a new provider. We apologise for the technical issues currently being felt by players, though rest assured we are working to get this resolved asap and will keep you updated as the situation progresses.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Rail Nation Team

  • Dear players,

    As we mentioned recently, our backend team are looking for alternative solutions to the CDN technical issues. These technical issues are causing players to experience long loading times and graphical issues.

    The backend team are currently implementing a solution on some servers, that appears to resolve most of the CDN issues. Whilst implementing this solution, some players may be asked to re-log into the game.

    Many thanks for your continued patience and do not hesitate to inform us if you are still experiencing the graphical issues and long loading times once the CDN solution has been applied to your game world.

    Your Rail Nation Team