Hi everyone, I am Maselbart your new CM!

  • Hello, dear players!

    I am Maselbart and I'm happy to inform you that starting today I'll support nEwW in the COM Community.Some of you may have already seen me chatting in Discord here and there. I started in Rail Nation a year ago as the Community Manager for Germany.

    About myself, I started out as a Game Design student, but on some point I realized it's way more fun to interact with players than creating games themselves, so I switched to Community Management. I love to cook (there's even a public cookbook with all the stuff I cook up in the DE community), so if someone has some good receipts hit me up in the station concourse :lächeln: Of course, I will also share my receipts in exchange.

    I am a huge western and cowboy fan, especially western movies or series about the great train period in America. Again, if you have some nice recommendations, hit me up in the offtopic channel.

    That's also why my favorite scenario is of course American Dream. And you can bet I'll always haul for red. :lächeln:

    But enough of me - if you want to know more, we can always chat a bit or hang out in the voice channel on Discord.

    As the English community is very active and many nationalities from different time zones are here, it requires more than one person to hop aboard and keep the things on track. Together with nEwW I'll moderate, chat, answer questions, gather feedback, forward complaints/ideas/suggestions etc. and of course play some RN.

    Please keep in mind, that even if nEwW and I will be active here, we cannot guarantee 24/7 coverage. Therefore, if you don't get an answer immediately, please be patient. We will get back to you as soon as we can. We promise we won't forget you!

    And for general questions or problems you can also always reach out to our Customer Support via ticket :)

    So without further ado, a big Hello to everyone! I am very happy to be here and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!

    Die Räder meines Zuges drehen sich langsam aber stetig.

    Wettschulden sind Ehrenschulden, aktueller Kochbuchcounter: 16 Gerichte!

  • Welcome.

    We are very happy :love: