Pollux: 1 upgrade in first 14 videos not complete

  • I think by now, months after the introduction of this feature, and the questions about it that keep coming in an endless flow, that the way it is explained to people is NOT CLEAR.

    There are a bunch of Community Managers here, who would (I suspect) have qualified Communication Skills in their area of expertise: it's mindbogling that not a clearer description (or less complicated upgrade-system) has yet established/installed.

    these questions have been coming up from day one. That is (somewhat) to be expected with a new feature, but if after (how many?) months it is still an issue, something is clearly wrong.

    *This Community Communication Lesson 101 was provided to you (i.e. RN-staff) free of charge.

  • it's not in the way it's explained, people don't read properly.


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  • I just watched 34 (17 bonus) with gold account and still haven't got my upgrade.