Create a new map that features Australia.

  • so not sure this is the correct place for this but I have a suggestion/request for the developers. There is a whole continent left untouched. please develop servers for Australia. it could easily lend itself to similar scenarios as the international world. Some of the resources could be different such as tea tree which could then be sent to a rendering plant to make oil which could go to either pharmaceutical plant or cosmetic to develop products. This is but one of many paths available as the country is rich in resources both mineral and agriculture. I would love to see a new game world for down under. Oh and if you ever get down here we have a wealth of train museums

  • Hey Mary Merci I put your request in a new thread so we can discuss the idea :)

    I know we had an orient scenario a while ago that was put on standby. Australia sounds interesting, but my first question there would be, since people only life at the fringe of Australie logically train tracks could only lie there and therefore the space would be very limited/we could only travel from north to east.

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  • I like the idea.

    First is: Australia could be a smaller map, with maybe only 10-20 cities.

    Well the original cities are all at the coasts, so one challenge would be to close that circle.

    But there is also Alice Springs in the center, but also a few smaller cities, and there could be a bridge to Tasmania, which adds 2 more cities.

    That would be an advantage, Australia could be a map, that works with the lower count of players, that nowadays join the servers.

    Second: Though in RL Australia the very big trucks haul most of the goods across the continent, that could be simulated by railroad tracks, so with cities at the coasts (and very few near the center) the industries could be spread over the country. So a challenge of that map could be those distances between the mines and industries, a challenge that the Australian RL truck drivers face each day on their jobs.

    Third: I got the idea to add destinations, that are "touristic", they only accept part of the goods (beer, hamburgers, meat, sports goods, bread, ...) and tourists (persons) ... with the additional challenge, that the trains can only deliver their full load of people there, but can pick up only those, that were there before the train arrived.

    Touristic destinations could be: Ayers Rock, Carpentaria Surfing Beaches, South Aussie Surfing, Lake Eyre, Barrier Reef Sightseeing, The Outbacks, ....

    Well if that's to complicated, the tourist destinations could be persons only stations, no goods to be delivered there.

    A fresh continent could create some new ideas that can really change the challenges, though not really change the game.

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  • What a great idea. I would love to see that. On industries, there are some many mining and framing options, like nickel, gold, silver, copper, coal, bauxite, uranium, Seam Gas, Oil. for farms you could have Emu, kangaroo, crocodile, cattle stations, sheep, goats, wheat, hay, sugar cane, Barramundi list goes on. Secondary industries could be steel, aluminum, meat processing to food or leather (crocs, Emus, kangaroos, cattle), cotton gins, grain silos, sugar refinery, Power Stations, Ports. You could even introduce tourism and attractions like Uluru, Bridsville, The Adelaide Hills, Kathrine Gorge, Margert River, Snowy Mountains, Hunter Valley and so on.

    Some examples of supply chains - wheat to flour mill to bakery to market to package goods, sugar cane to refinery (molasses) to rum distillery to market to packaged goods, sugar cane to refinery (molasses) to cattle station to feed lot to market to packaged goods, poultry farming to abattoir to market to packaged goods or poultry farming to croc farm to abattoir to tannery or market. You get the idea.

    Also, the number of unique engines from the various states like in New South Wales could be classes in steam 19, 30, 32, 36, the might 38s, goods workhorse 50, 53, 55 and the monsters AD60 Garret (already available), D57, D58. In diesel 40, 42, 44, 442, 70, 80, 81, 82, 90 NR, TT. And in electric Hub sets, XPT, 85.

    Yes these is pretty of space away from the coast but there is so much industry, farming and mining to fill the gaps.

    This would be fantastic!!!! Please consider?

  • Do not forget vegemite, no Australia map without that stuff :D

    But jokes aside, we already forwarded it to the team and I really like the different ideas. I am very curious if the team will consider it, but I also have to add that this would also mean a lot of game development. So this is nothing we can put into the schedule right away.
    If this is considered we're talking about a long term plan and idea.

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  • Lowering the number of cities would be nice, but... can we do that on all servers??

    Currently it can't handle people that connect to all of them, so they need to find that optimal number and change it on all servers.

    I get tired of the constant time outs while trying to set a freaking route

  • I have 2 ideas for scenarios.

    1. North America / USA+

    • This would be similar to the SoE but without Ports
      • Include Landmarks
    • Regional instead of East vs West
      • Could be 10 Regions of 5 cities or 5 regions of 10 cities
      • New England, East, South East, MidWest, South West,
        PAC North West, etc
    • EG qualifier - same as SoE
      • if 5 regions, then top 2 cities per region qualify
    • Add Government features
    • For the North America concept
      • Add cities/regions in Canada and Mexico
      • 5 regions in US, 4 in Canada, 1 in Mexico

    2. South America

    • Not all continents are represented, South America is missing
    • This would be similar to the Australian concept with less cities.
    • SoE style with Ports
    • Could easily get 30 cities with just the Capitals and a few major cities
    • Special routes across the Andes, simulating tunnels, and the Amazon area
  • I wonder if this would be possible in reality and if it is worth it. I really want to get to this continent. The fact that it is isolated from the rest of the continents makes it unique. And they have a unique culture, open-minded people. A friend of mine lives there, and he likes it a lot. He often calls me to visit, but I don't get there anymore. I live in Austria, an equally developed country with an exemplary infrastructure. If we talk about trains here, things are lovely, thanks to those from .