Being spammed by RN for the first time

  • Hello, dear RN

    I played the first round of "Titans of Economy" , was it fun? Yes, it was perhaps the most fun round I ever played, and that even if I don't like the Classic Map itself.

    Will I play another round that started just an hour ago? No, I will not. First of all the Einstein server I played on is removed. But most important I am busy on another server, and I learned my lesson to focus on 1 server at a time.

    BUT, why do you have to send me 24 email notifications in just 15 minutes telling me the server Rosen restarts again? Wouldn't 1 reminder email be enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes number of ! equals number of spamming emails I got from you)

    Kind regards


  • Hello TheEarl™© that was caused by an error in our mail software, the team already took care of the problem and ensured that this won't happen again.
    We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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