Mobile App Problem

  • We lost a member this week because he couldn't stick it any longer not being able to login with the app. He's stopped playing.

    He was having huge problems logging in with the app and after 2 days of not being able to apply valuable research points, he had enough.

    The "meh" replies from Support didn't help either.

  • The app has got worse again since 2 Thursdays ago (almost 2 weeks).

    It seems like there a silent (but deadly) patch applied then which messed everything up.

    That was when we all had lots of trouble and the display on the app on android went really funny. I know some kind of patch was applied to "fix" it and after that we were able to login with the app a little better though still no where near as stable as it was before this patch. The display only works in wide screen now. Before this bad patch I was able to use split screen mode or have something else running in the background. Now I have to close everything down to even try to login and even then it takes 2-3 attempts. The app has got much more resource hungry again, even clearing cache doesn't have much affect.

    I thank God every day that I only use the app when I can't get to the computer and am not reliant on it to play, else I fear I'd be like the other app users and not want to play any more.

    I am aware there's an HTML 5 version of the app coming (why was it ever developed with damn Flash in the first place?), the question is can people hold out that long?

    Especially if we're getting silent patches in the interim which make things worse not better.

  • I should add that since this dodgy patch, getting into Sitter mode to sit for someone is nigh on impossible.

    My tablet is a decent spec tablet which I bought less than 6 months ago so has good RAM and plenty of storage.

  • i would like to register also not being able to play since trying to update the app. I should expect some compensation and more for my sitters who are trying to help but as stated surely it makes sense to go back to the old version until you figure out the issue.

    theses things happen no problem but at least give us the chance of being able to tick along.

  • Hello,

    My app in the phone don´t work at some days ...what is the problem?

    I can´t log in many times if the app don´t work

    This might be due to our new update

    There can be 2 reasons why that happens:

    Defective old data -> Here it helps to delete the old app data on the mobile phone (right next to the deletion of the cache - see attached screenshot).

    But you should only do this when you are using WiFi, as some data is already loaded, that can take a while.

    The other reason is, that you has not enough space left on his device. You must first, ensure that you have enough space for the app on your device.

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  • I've reinstalled the (cr)app several times recently for one reason or another.

    Unfortunately performance on the (cr)app just gets worse, not better.

    It takes 2-3 attempts to even login to the (cr)app and even then the chance of actually being able to read messages are slim to none.

  • The last update was for allowing Android 5 and 6 users to connect. Others version may have other issues as well and also on certain devices. So you should raise a ticket to the support in mentioning what's your device and its Android version. This of course won't fix the problem today but they could tell you what's the problem in your case.

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    Hello. I'm trying to downliad a mobile app. The program asks permission to download additional files. How can I give an answer if there is no download button? The result: the mobile app doesn"t work.

    Our Customer Support department will happily try to assists you with more personal approach.
    Please raise a ticket here: Support : Rail Nation
    You can do so in Russian as well for Russian section.