The ability to add waypoints on a train schedule.

  • Hello there, I have another great idea. Can we have the ability to add waypoints within a train schedule? These waypoints would force the train to transit these points but not stop to pick up goods. This would give the player the ability to map exactly he/she wants the train to travel on the map. Would be great for the competition timings as well.

    For your consideration, :P

  • Somebody else (Naike?) also came up with the idea, in particular as a way to avoid "track maintenance" stretches.

    I would like the option. But than again, it has low priority for me. Too much annoying bugs to kill first, IMHO. :/

  • I think that adding a way point into a track would also help to force our trains to the new tracks, when we built a shorter way to the destination. Today we have to park or shortly set a different schedule and then back to the one we want.

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