Mobile app update on 9th of September

  • Dear players,

    as we previously mentioned, we have been working on a fix for Android 5 and 6 users, facing login issues since the last mobile update on the 18th. This does not include users with Chinese devices and users with versions of Android older than Android 5 (These user need to raise a Support ticket for more details).

    We have now been able to create a fix which we believe will resolve the majority of issues for Android 5 and 6 users. However, testing did highlight that this fix might not 100% resolve issues for users on some devices.

    If, after the update, you still experience log in issues, please raise a support ticket and provide details of your device.

    With this information, we will be able to gain a better idea of the device specific issues.

    The update will be released Today

    Many thanks for your continued patience and support!

    Your Rail Nation team