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    Die Räder meines Zuges drehen sich langsam aber stetig.

    Wettschulden sind Ehrenschulden, aktueller Kochbuchcounter: 14 Gerichte!

  • To which frequency does a trainspotter appear in the game? Every 30, 45 minutes? In other words, ultimately, how many trainspotters could you collect in a 24 hour period? Thank you!

    1 per hour, so max 24 trainspotters in a 24 hour period, but you have to collect them during this period, because you can have a maximum of 10 trainspotters at your map at a time.

    :Train: NL01 Stoomketel

    :Train:  NL201 Euromast

    :Train: COM202 Loch Ness *

    :Train: ES201 El Escorial *

    :Train: M1.201 Scandinavia *

    * played my last round at this server, due to

    :thumbdown: RN'S LACK OF DECENT BUG FIXING :thumbdown: