In-game issues

  • There are something seriously wrong with the game now.

    On COM201 Big Ben, I am not allowed to open the sitter screen, so I cant help out my friend.
    On COM02 Firebox, I am not allowed to open the Lottery, so I can not scratch my tickets. Not possible to lay tracks either.
    On COM101 Rocky Mountains, I am not allowed to adjust my Pollux schedule after an upgrade.

    What is going on?

  • These things should not be happening. The first thing to do is to restart your game. If this does not work then try restarting your computer or clear your cache.

    If after trying all that, then you will need to contact support.

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  • Same here, the game is as flaky as a box of frogs at the moment!

    My cache is filling with crap every 15 minutes (this is not normal, of late I have managed to only need to clear cache 2-3 times a day).

    I'm refreshing between every manoeuvre just to keep things working at all.

    And came here first as Support will try to tell me I'm imagining things!

  • I cannot do literally anything on both US101 and US103 I cannot even open support window.

    Does anyone have the link that I can use to open support so I can send in a ticket.

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  • COM101. Was in with some in-game issues about 17.00 UTC. Now cannot connect to the game at all. Cleared Cache, tried different browsers, restarted computer. Nothing is bringing resolution.

  • Agreed. All kinds of bugs. Online I click on something and wait 15 - 20 seconds for anything to happen. Sometimes nothing does. On the App, takes a LOT of tries to log in, and when you get in almost nothing works. Can't open messages, can't use research points. Back to online, and things there are still squirrely. Not sure what happened, but suddenly this game is VERY difficult to get anything done.

  • can finally log in to NL201 Euromast again, couldn't start for 5 hours, but still not on DE105. and a lot of functions don't work on Euromast, so I can't open the factories or invest in them

    also support and options i can not open

  • Is there a place to check the status or quick posts issues for various servers? For instance I go to a status page for com101 and there is a running thread for people to upvote they are having issues and maybe a quick description of the issue. This would keep a current thread for people to know they are or are not the only person having issues.

    I have been unable to connect to com101 since I tried to join a competition at 21.00 UTC. I can reach the home/landing page but cannot get game world to load no matter what I have tried (clear cache, reload page, change DNS servers, reboot computer, etc). It would be a comfort to know if I am dealing with an issue on my own system or if others too are having problems without having to start a new thread on the forum for each issue.

  • Can't log in due to SSL certificate error on domain:

    Error 526 Invalid SSL certificate

    You Browser Working

    Chicago Cloudflare Working Host Error

  • I am thinking there may be a content or routing issue in Cloudflare. I did a direct nslookup on and forced the host to a different IP. I am being route to Newark, NJ. As soon as I did that I was able to move to the next step. I am still freezing but at a different point.

  • Hi I am having problems with my game, just one world works well , I already delete cookies, I cant open things, i try to buy a train and dosent open, try to upgrade a building and dosent open,