List with fansites

  • Hi everyone,

    A couple of players have made or are still busy with creating their own fansite. We would love to see what you have created and make a list with a small description about your fansite. This will increase your visitors as well and you'll help out a bigger group of players sharing your knowledge.

    If you want to create your own please have look at the policy with regards to fansites.

    If you made a fansite and you wish to share it with us, please post your site below.
    (Do note, posts with links will be automatically moderated so please be patient until the mods have verified the content)

    Do note, the information that is on these sites has been gathered by players and isn't supported by Travian Games. We can't help you if you have questions regarding information or statements made on these fansites.


    Senior Community Manager Rail Nation.
    For local domain requests please contact your local community manager via in game support.

  • Hi all,

    First fansite is added, do you have one as well and want to share it? Let us know and we will add yours to the list as well.


    Senior Community Manager Rail Nation.
    For local domain requests please contact your local community manager via in game support.

  • Hi everyone!

    I've started my fan site 2 days ago and would like to list it here. Please note, it's a work in progress but i'm very excited about what i have done so far! ;)

  • Hi Tivak,

    I've added your site to the list as well. It looks great and continue working on it! We really like what the players can create and helping out others.

    If there are more, just post it below and they will be added as well.

    Good job!


    Senior Community Manager Rail Nation.
    For local domain requests please contact your local community manager via in game support.

  • I've started writing a blog about rail nation. My intention is to post there relatively frequently. It would deal with strategy and my experiences in rail nation and hopefully it will help everyone. Any comments on the blog will be appreciated especially if I am wrong and can be proven so. :cool:

  • It looks like this is an old thread, but I'd like some feedback on the site I am currently working on. It is mostly aimed at those new to the game. Some posts contain screencasts. I am trying to keep it as simple as possible at this stage for players not yet familiar with the game so as they can know what to expect next and how to best use their resources.

  • It looks great! Thanks for taking the time. Relatively new to the game, so I'm always looking for strategy and techniques. The whole thing is done well. Hope to see more.

  • Hey everyone,

    I have really been wanting to get in to this recently.

    Would anyone be able to help me out in creating a Railway Fansite??

    I have never been on a train before but I am fascinated by them :)


  • hi
    I just finished to translate the most of my Fansite .. its a kind of calculator, or 2 calculators ..
    one for trains
    the other for researchpoints..

    I know its an old thread .. but maybe it comes alive again..

    so it would be nice if you could add my site

    Rail Nation calculator

    Rail Nation Forschungspunkte Rechner

    is the url..

    if there are any questions , please ask , if anything is wrong translated please tell me also ..

  • Hello Sheldon (love that butterfly!)

    Would you like to give a short introduction to your site? What others can do there, and why you wanted to create it for example. I will gladly add your site to the list, and it could be nice to have some very short invite / introduction next to the link :)

  • hello Samisu
    ok so here comes the introduction .. but not without a history story...

    I began that site , as a Rail Nation Beginner, because i wanted to know how far i should level my laboratory, for each era .. so I did that research calculator ..

    researchpoints-calculator : as first you can select the trains, you would like to research, of an era, and you will see how many points you will need , and how high your laboratory should be ..
    train efficency calculator : the 2nd thing you can do on the site is to compare the different trains on different routes with all details you want to.

    a short explanation to compare the trains .. like I m using it .. as an example I want to compare my trains with the trains of somebody who transports the same goods to the town like me. So
    1) I fill in the routes of the factories with the waiting time and best the profit if you get some of the factory or town .. (1 route = all the rails added from start to the factory, so you have to count a
    little )
    2) you can select the train of the other guy and put the number of trains he has of that kind , and fill in the hours you want to check the difference of the trains .
    3) click once at "show selected trains" and the tooltip will appear at the bottom , then do the same for your kind and count of trains and upgrades you have installed..

    at the end you can compare the tons of what you will deliver and what the other guy will probably deliver .. in that time period you have choosen

    But this kind of comparing is of course not that accurate , because things changing and so on..

    the 2nd and usually use of the train efficency calculator is that you want to know what train is the best for the actual era .. , well there are not many surprises, but I think all beginner hears in era 2 for example .. "Lynx is the best"...
    well thx to the site I recognized that the Boar and the Elephant are at least same good , but under that era 2 conditions a little better ,... maybe .. well you can find it out on your own ..

    the 3rd use for the efficency calculator is, if you have the train from last era and you would like to know what upgrades you will need on that new train to be at least same good like the old train....

    well this was a long introduction I think
    why I wanted to create it ..
    well it's my hobby to code a little
    it's not my profession , so the code is really hobby like but the most works like it should ;)

    one thing i would like to please you , if some are interested to use it, and there are things wrong translated you can send me a message .. further if anything doesnt work proper ... same, send me a message , and of course if you have any ideas how to improve the site and make it easier to use...

    and sorry Samisu the butterfly is gone .. I wanted to know if old threads change name too, so i changed the butterfly to a little koala bear :)

    one last thing , I know its not all translated.. but almost , I ll finish to translate it in the next days .

    oh and here again the site , the original is in german so there are still some german words on it

    Rail Nation Calculator

    thx for reading and excuse my bad english