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  • oscarian, answer for you.
    I've verified that there's no way to delete your own account.
    What you can do, though, is send a PM here on the forum to "Minke" and request to have your account deleted. She will be able to delete the forum profile, though all of your previous posts will remain on the forum as guest posts.

  • China is trying to hack accounts on RN. Myself and a few others whom I play with have all received notification that someone has tried to log into our forum accounts without success. The IP trace I did lead back to China.

  • Greetings,

    I have a questions about free lottery tickets and collecting Association Building Bonuses.

    I understand that the number of collections required is random but my question is this.

    When is that random number generated? Is the number generated on the 1st collection after you get the ticket and then set until you get the next one or is the number generated every time you do a collection?

    Thanks much

  • figure the odds of three in a row then... 1 in 1,000,000. Heck who would have though of those odds coming up?

  • Hello
    Can someone provide the full list of the (new) possible lottery prizes ?
    Or maybe a link to it, if there is such a list.
    Thanks in advance.

  • I don't believe there's an official list in place just yet, nor have I seen any such updates on the player-made wikis. My personal research doesn't include anything past level 4 (and since it's based on my personal experience, clicking through to see possible prizes, I can't guarantee that it's all-inclusive).

  • In eras 1-5 we are limited to the number of levels we can open in a city. Just exactly how does that change in era 6? There is no mention of it in the rules.

  • Subject is Titles,
    I am assuming that they are daily but can you put a timer on the page (in my time) when it will finish? (A timer would be helpful on my other pages also.)

  • Can you tell me how to pick a user name when first logging in to a world? I have tried playing about eight to 10 games and only twice have been allowed to pick a name. It turns out someone I do not know has a nickname that is the same as my email name.

  • Does the bonus trains transfer to next game round when u purchase them with the gold?

  • What happened to Golden Gate in the USA menu? It's a few days into era 2 and was running when I went to bed around 3:30 AM PDT and it has disappeared. I got up 4 hours ago and haven't seen it since I've been up.

  • My apologies for the delayed response, and the inconvenience of being unable to access the server. Everything seems to be running as expected now, however, with the server available for avatar creation and to log in on already-created avatars.

  • Hi all, 2 questions.

    1. Does the Whale need coupling to transport passengers in the second era?

    2. When is it the 'most profitable' to service an engine?