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  • Warehouses have no consumption (the reduction of stock every 15 minutes), and I've not noticed any other type of decay over time for stock stored there.

    The formula for city consumption has always been very closely guarded by the devs. What we have learned over time is that total population in the city and total number of people hauling a specific good are both included in that formula. This means that not only will each good have its own consumption rate (which could be drastically different from others in the city, and different from that same good in other cities), but also tells us that putting a single train hauling to the city will affect the consumption as much as putting a whole fleet of trains on it.

    The only thing affected by total capacity (that I'm aware of) is the actual amount needed after consumption for the city to level. The dashed line is set to 2/3 of the city's capacity, and both amounts are shown. So the trick is to haul enough of the good so that the stock level remains on the right side of the line after consumption.

    Obviously a dev might want to chime in on this, as I'm just an obsessed player who might've missed something :)

  • Very simply put to be 100% sure you level up then you have to get all goods green.

  • How many days is needed after a game is completed to display the stars in a profile? i was 70th in last round in coal box and still my profle displays one star.

  • If you add the tonnage for the top five haulers for each of the four RG in a given city, they add up to the exact same amount for each RG within the city. This is true for all cities.

    This doesn't make sense to me. Intuitively, I would think that the four RG would have different total tonnage delivered by the top five. Can a moderator or developer explain this?

  • I don't think you're looking at tonnage there, but rather at the Prestige Points available for that position in hauling. The Prestige Points for the position are next to the prestige symbol, whereas the tonnage is shown on the far right and has a "t" behind each number.

    For example, in my city, the top hauler amounts look like this...
    Toys: 22212 + 17646 + 17566 + 17382 + 17334 = 92,140
    Cars: 37834 + 35882 + 31974 + 31712 + 31590 = 168,992
    Baux: 41720 + 40041 + 38298 + 36072 + 32560 = 218,721
    Mach: 44172 + 43604 + 42912 + 37302 + 36266 = 204,256

    The prestige, however, is the same for all RGs in the city.
    Hope that helps clear it up. :)

  • Oh the map it seems the cities are spread apart decently, however Little Rock is only 5 connections away from Memphis. Why are they so close together? It makes it to easy for players that are way ahead to come steal all the goodies from one city but aren't contributing to it. It would make capturing both cities quite easy for the other railway.

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  • Question: I have someone in my association that is hauling 32 wagons, I have upgraded my engines and am still unable to haul only

  • i have an additional question to this post, how does one build a warehouse in the city?

  • You cannot build a warehouse in a city. The warehouses being referenced are found on the USA scenario maps, and can be connected to and used similarly to any industry site. The biggest difference being that a warehouse will allow you to drop off and pick up any good that has been unlocked for the server.

    Hope that helps!

  • And the answer to the 'you still have goods to offload' is:

    When you set up a schedule, after you create all your stops, make one more stop to your own Home City to offload your goods.

    You neglect to say Go Ahead and click on additional stops.......the problem is that the message in the box is not saying click on Two cities in a is saying you have to unLoad your train, which we know is Empty...... IT needs to say something about click on More than one city and the Train will figure out what to do or some such........

    It is very simple after is the thinking the information is right and needs to be resolved etc. etc. etc.
    So, just as the previous questioner, I had problems too.......makes me not want to go forward very badly, thinking there will likely be more stuff to Stall me out of the game......

    And yes, it is painful seeing how simple it really is....... SO offload your Trains before you can carry on everybody........well, turns out the game knows how to do it, the player doesn't have to do, why tell the player to do it?

    Rand concluded.

  • I can't find any explanation on engine's acceleration. What unit is it expressed in? What does this 10/20 mean? Does it mean train increases its speed by 10 every second? I think it is important to know how much time does a train need to reach its maximum speed. Especially when comparing, for example, Olympus to Phoenix. If Phoenix required 120 seconds to reach max speed then it would need at least 230s long route (one way) to be more efficient than Olympus!

  • That depends on how long the route is. On a shorter route, Olympus is indeed a better choice. But on a longer route, nothing can match the Phoenix's output except the Valkyrie (era 6 bonus engine).

    Olympus --> 150kph/12 accel = 12.5 sec to top speed
    Phoenix --> 240kph/2 accel = 120 sec to top speed

    That's a huge difference, but on long distance route, Phoenix would eventually overtake Olympus.