[Customer Service Representative] Yaenara

  • Dear players,

    Starting from September 1st, I am the Customer Service Representative & Community Manager of Rail Nation COM/US.

    In case you need to contact me, you can do that via Help Center or private message on forum.

    Minke posted a farewell message, but because of the forum rollback, the message has been deleted.
    I want to thank her for the great work she has done until now and to congratulate her for her new position in Travian Games!




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  • Dear players,

    I would like to inform you that since September 1st 2017 I am no longer the Community Manager of Rail Nation COM and US domains.
    I am thankful for the time spent with all of you on forum! My area of work will continue as Customer Service Representative for COM and CM/CSR for RO domain, while Samisu will take care of our lovely COM community (as core domain). Welcome!
    Please offer him your support, the same as you did to me! grin.png

    With all the new changes, the forum team needs to get bigger; If you want to join Rail Nation team, you can find more details in this post: Welcome to our new forum!

    For any forum related question, please contact the new Community Manager - Samisu. And for any game related question or problem, you can contact me at Support (via Help Center).

    Thank you,