[Forum contest] Rail Nation Quiz 2

  • Dear railways fans,

    Answer correctly to the following questions, and you could win 100 gold!

    Question 1:

    What is needed to level up a landmark, for cities above level 5? Name 3 things.

    Question 2:

    Which bonus train has the serial number P40DC?

    Question 3:

    You are playing on an express server. Your account limit is $120 million. Your hourly turnover is $6,332,477. How long does it take before your account limit is reached?

    - - -

    Write your responses in this topic (in a single message), along with your account name and the server you play on, until May 12th at 12 pm UTC.

    E.g. Yaenara, COM-101 Rocky Mountains.

    Among all correct entries (all questions correctly answered), we will reward 3 players at random with
    100 gold.

    Please note:
    - Your messages will not be visible until the end of the competition.
    - The contest is available for COM and US domains only.

    Good luck!

    Your Rail Nation Team

  • Q1: All the goods the city has requested till then: passengers, coal, wood, boards, grain, cattle etc.
    Q2: It is the bonus for Era 4, Zeus Series P40DC
    Q3: 18 hours 56 minutes and 4s (rounded to app. 19 hours)

    dromichetes, COM05 Cylinder Head (Express)

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  • Ayca Sen - US102 Grand Central

    Answer 1:

    200000 tons per good, 3000000 passengers and $40000000 investment.
    Answer 2:
    Answer 3:
    18 hours 57 minutes (18 hours 56 minutes 59 seconds 761 miliseconds)

  • Ragnahl COM201 Big Ben but I have changed my name to Raycee the forum does not recognize my new name.
    18.9499 hours or 18hours 57minutes approx.
    Passengers. Money. Goods.

  • Here are the correct answers:

    Answer 1:

    • All requested goods
    • All requested passengers
    • Required investments (money)

    Answer 2:

    Answer 3:
    0.95*60= 57
    It will take 18 hours and 57 minutes before your bank account is full.

    The 3 lucky winners (selected randomly) are:

    #11 Milliye - COM-03 Smoke chamber
    #14 Gissmmo - COM202 Loch Ness
    #10 Raycee - COM201 Big Ben

    Congratulations! Your prizes have been added.

    We want to thank everyone who participated! New contests are coming!