Feedback thread new PLUS Account

  • First off I would like to say that I very much enjoy playing RN. I like the social aspect and the cooperative nature of play. I have read here what's been posted and I've also been communicating with people in game. It seems that most are very unhappy about this Plus Account increase. Some are unable and some are unwilling to spend the increase for this new Plus Account. Now many are speaking of leaving the game altogether. Maybe RN can come up with a compromise that will not change things, but add to them. Please keep the original Plus Account as is for the 100 gold and either offer add-on's with the new features for 10 or 20 gold each or offer a second Plus Account with these new features for the 150 gold. This will give more options for players to make the best choices for themselves and also keep your base happy. I personally am hoping that you can come to this or some compromise as I very much enjoy playing with the same people I've been playing with for years and I'm not sure about playing without them. So please take all of the feedback your long standing players are giving you and reconsider this Plus Account change. Thank you for your consideration!

  • an EXTRA 50 gold for things I don't even use in the plus account? Way to much. Take away all of the new stuff on the plus account and go back to 100 gold.
    You went the wrong way with cost if you want more people to play rail nation.

  • I agree, 150 gold for Plus Account is too much!
    Please go back to 100 gold and eliminate some new features if you consider so.
    But it would have been a great joy if you kept them all for 100 gold.
    It would be acceptable if you extend the Plus Account for 10 days with 150 gold.

  • Considering that it is not possible to get the guaranteed second video bonus because of a bug they can't fix, the Plus account is overpriced at 150.

    You might as well remove the video feature altogether and drop the price of the plus to 75.

  • There is no other respectable business that would collect money from their customers, deliver a broken product and do nothing about it.

    We are getting distracted from the game itself by cute puzzles, cute contests and promises of shiny new engines. RN should focus instead on the game itself and fix it once and for all.

    There is clearly something very wrong with the game design when an update that fixes a dozen bugs creates 2 dozens new ones.

    However, as there is no 'guarantee' of any kind provided, perhaps it is us, the customers, who are the suckers for buying into this broken game.

    I still have enough PLUS accumulated for another few weeks. Once that is gone, there is no way I will buy anything ever again.

  • Plus Account price (to my knowledge) stays at 150 Gold, and the game is in constant development. That includes new features, bug fixes and a better future to all RN players.

    About cute contests or shiny new engines - we have different people in different departments, doing different stuff. I enjoy creating contests and events, some are drawing game graphics, others are doing all the technical stuff of which I understand nothing about. :huh: So from my perspective, creating contests does not take any focus off of the game or fixing bugs. I can promise that to you all :)

    I have forwarded your wishes now, and the video error should be fixed on Monday. I really hope it doesn't take any longer than this.

  • If you can get thru the video issue, about half the time your prize is a chance to spend more gold for a lottery ticket. The new plus account should give 2 free tickets daily. Even better go back to the way it was priced before.

  • I agree, the cost increase of 50g is equivalent to the cost of the two 'free' lottery tickets that were added. This does not amount to an incentive, but rather a forced purchase. - "Hey guys, now if you want a week premium time you HAVE to buy two lottery tickets with it! Isn't that awesome?". No. It is not awesome. it should either be more than you could normally get for separate purchases, or just not there at all. Take the tickets and the extra 50g back off, or increase the tickets you get.

  • The extra 50 gold seems reasonable to me. Before, gold competitions were non-events for me because I always had enough to stay in plus days.

    Now, I fear I will have to scrounge and scrape and... heaven help me... COMPETE for it.

    It doesn't make my life easier, and maybe not more fun... but it seems reasonable.

    On second point. I LOVE this new interface. Great job. And when I asked for the ability to save routes to return to them, I honestly never thought I would get it. But now I can stay up for that last competition... press the button and go to bed, no 30 minute reroute session. It is huge. Thanks....

    Uhhhh.... so could you add a button that routes all trains of the same class to the selected route;) I am constantly (like, every hour at recalc) moving my fast trains around the map and leaving the slow ones in place. All>uncheck 1-5 trains>Proceed is good.... buuuuuuutttt. :)

  • Just to clarify my point, i do not have an issue with the increase of 50g. It is not unreasonable. I have issue that the increase is exactly the same price as the two lottery tickets that were added. If you are going to make it a "bundled" purchase, add some incentive - even just one more extra lottery ticket to make it feel like you truly get something extra. 3 tickets for the extra 50g? It's a discount! COOL!.

    As for the feature set I do like the improvements, but i do have one suggestion:

    Have a method in all scenarios for only loading some of the cars with a good like in classic. ... for example I have 6 trains with 4 cars each, i load 3 trains with Coal>iron> steel>city. I do 3 more trains Ore>iron>steel>city. It would make route management easier if i could have all six trains pickup 2 cars coal> 2 cars ore> iron>steel>city.

    Yes this is a bad example, the total deliveries are the same and my first plan has lower overall wait, yada yadya yada .. but it could be useful in certain situations.