[Forum contest] Are you as clever as Einstein?

  • Can you help William (Elijah) to solve this puzzle?

    There are 5 trains standing on 5 tracks on a station concourse.

    • The driver of the green train is Smith, it departs at 12:00.
    • The train in the middle has 12 wagons.
    • Train driver Johnson should depart with his train at 12:45.
    • Williams operates a train with 15 wagons, and this train stands to the left of the green train.
    • Just right of the blue train there is the train which departs to Cardiff.
    • Harris is a driver of a train which goes to Southampton.
    • Next to the black train there is a train with 14 wagons.
    • Train to Edinburgh departs at 13:00.
    • At 12:20 departs a train driven by Thompson and it is just on the right of the train which goes to Cardiff.
    • Locomotive with 16 wagons heads to Plymouth.
    • Next to the train which departs at 12:20 there is a train with 13 wagons.
    • The train, standing on one of the edges is red.
    • Locomotive with 12 wagons departs at 12:30.
    • Red and black trains are next to each other.
    • Train to Plymouth departs at 12:00.

    Which train is yellow? Which of the trains goes to Liverpool?

    Please post your answer in this thread, along with your nickname and the server you play on (in case you win, you will get your prize on the server you write).

    First player that gives the correct answer will win 150 gold and 5 lottery tickets
    Second player: 150 gold and 3 lottery tickets
    Third player: 150 gold and 1 lottery ticket

    The contest will end on Tuesday, 15.08.2017, at 15:00 UTC (11:00 EDT).

    Please note that your answers will be visible after the contest has finished.

    The contest is available for players from COM and US domains only.

    Good luck,

    Your Rail Nation Team

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  • Nickname: xSpecterx
    Server: Com201 Big Ben

    Yellow train is Williams, departs at 13h with 15 waggons to Edinburgh.
    Liverpool is the red train from Thompson and departs at 12:20.


  • Position
    1 lLeft) 2 3(middle) 4 5(Right
    12:00 13:00 12:30 12:45 12:20
    Green Yellow Blue Black Red
    Smith Williams Harris Johnson Thompson
    Plymouth Edinburgh Southampton Cardiff Liverpool
    16 wagons 15 12 13 14

    Submitter: Olorin_se, server Steam Boiler

  • Yellow train is the first train from left (Yellow train, driver: Williams, has 15 wagons, departs at 13:00 to Edinburg)
    The red train goes Liverpool (Red train, driver: Thompson, has 14 wagons, departs at 12:20 to Liverpool, the first train from right)

    nickname = .Olric.
    Server = COM101

  • Nickname: Polaide
    Server: COM01 Steam Boiler

    I believe the trains are as follows:

    1) (far left) Yellow (Williams, 15 wagons, Edinburgh, dep 13:00)

    5) (far right) Liverpool (Thompson, 14 wagons, Red, dep 12:20)


  • Yellow train departs from left edge to Edinburgh at 13:00. It has 15 wagons and is driven by Williams.
    To Liverpool goes red train from right edge at 12:20. It has 14 wagons and is driven by Thompson.

    Nickname: Kycilak
    Server: COM201 Big Ben

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  • Edinburgh . Red

  • The yellow train goes to Edinburgh at 13:00, driven by Williams, has 15 wagons and is on the far left track.
    The train to Liverpool is red, departs at 12:20, driven by Thompson, has 14 wagons and is on the far right track.

    COM201 Big Ben

  • yellow train is the one in the left side, driven by William, having 15 wagons and departing to Edinburgh at 13:00
    the train that goes to Liverpool is the red one, driven by Thompson with 14 wagons and departing at 12:20 from the right side (5th track)
    printu01 - COM101 Rocky Mountains

  • The train driven by Williams is Yellow and it goes to Edinborough, with 15 waggons departing at 13:00

    The Red train is going to Liverpool

    Server: Smoke Chamber
    Name: elflord

  • Hi, the answers for the contest are:

    The yellow train is on the left, driven by Williams, departs at 1300 with 15 waggons to Edinburgh.

    The red train is on the right, driven by Thompson, departs at 1220 with 14 waggons to Liverpool.

    My nick is soma1976, I play on US01 Crankshaft.

  • Hello. 1. The yellow train goes to Edinburgh with 15 wagons at 13:00, stands on one edge. The driver is Williams.
    2.The red one, goes to Liverpool, with 14 wagons at 12:20, stands on another edge. The driver is Thompson.

    Big Nelsson (Golden Gate US101)

  • The Yellow train is on the left, driven by williams, departs at 13:00 to Edinburg.
    The train to Liverpool is on the right, is Red, driven by Thompson and departs at 12:20

    Nickname: barrelroller
    Server: s201 International, Europe, Big Ben

  • The yellow has 15 wagons, departs 13:00, led by Williams. The one that goes Liverpool is red, with 14 wagons, led by Thomson departs 12:20.
    glacia COM201 Big Ben

  • I think the yellow train is on the far left with 15 wagons leaving for Edinburgh at 13:00 with Williams as the driver.

    And i think the train for Liverpool is the red train on the far right leaving at 12:20 with 14 wagons driven by Thompson

    Username: Chronicguy
    Server: COM201 Big Ben