[forum contest] Poor William!

  • Help William to get back on land again!

    During his weekend off William decided not to take the train, but to go sailing.
    Unfortunately, sailing is not one of his best skills and he suffered shipwreckage. Now he is on a deserted island and has only 2 wooden planks at his disposal. But those 2 planks are too short to reach the other side and he does not want to go over swimming again, because he is too tired.

    Do you know how to place the 2 planks in order to help William escape?

    Please post your answer in this thread, along with your nickname and the server you play on (in case you win, you will get your prize on the server you wrote in your post).

    First player that gives the correct answer will win150 gold and 5 lottery tickets
    Second player: 150 gold and 3 lottery tickets
    Third player: 150 gold and 1 lottery ticket

    The contest will end on Tuesday, 29.08.2017, at 16:00 UTC (12:00 EDT).

    Please note:

    - Your answers will be visible after the contest has finished.
    - The contest is available for players from COM and US domains only.

    Good luck!

    Your Rail Nation Team


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  • Put one plank across a corner on the diagonal then put one end of the second plank on the centre of the first plank and the other end of the second plank on the island.

    Rascal the Cat
    Big Ben

  • He puts one plank across the corner of the square (where two sides meet) and puts the other perpendicular to it to form a 'T' shape in the corner allowing him to cross the moat and save his beloved.

    DuDe TR01 Buhar Kazanı

    or if you need an internatiol server

    DuDe COM05 Cylinder Head (Express)

  • Curtain5 - Com101 Rocky Mountains

    Plank 1 from land to land over one of the corners of the water ditch
    The other one end resting on the corner of the island and other on the plank 1

  • one board has to be layed diagonal in a corner, and the second from the point of the island and on the diagonal placed board. And like this William can leave the island.

    naike Steam boiler Com 1

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  • In the outside corner first plank from the leftside to the bottomside and the second plank from the inside corner towards the first plank. The 2 planks form a letter T.