[forum contest] Poor William!

  • Server: Loch Ness
    Player: Magnets

  • Hi there!
    The answer is (if i am right). The first plank is over one of the corners of the water and the second plank is over on that plank and the closest corner of the island.

    Cylinder Head (express)

  • He should use them as stilts to walk across the channel.

    Grand Central - Deacon Bob

  • not much point by now but,

    place first board diagonally across any of the corners, then lay the second board from the corner of the island to the middle of that board -- walk out safely !

  • Nickname ...Rock God

    Server S2 com ....Firebox

    William places the 2 planks of wood side by side forming a raft and floats across the water !

  • Nickname: SxBabe
    Server: COM02

    William needs to find either banana leaves or similar leaves which can be torn into medium size ropes and tie both the planks together. Then William has to place the plank in the direction of water flowing towards other side so that William can place himself on top of the planks and let water flowing towards other side will take William to destination (other side).

  • [B]Hello![/B][B]


    [B]William ask a dolphin to haul him: with the two laces of the shoes he linking the two planks on he underfoots, then put the buckle on the dolphin mouth, he take the another moiety on his hand, and this he water skiing on the home land... :)[/B][B][/B]
    [B] [/B][B]Have a nice day![/B][B]
    [/B][B]My nickname: [/B][B]L[/B][B]acidd23,[/B][B]
    [/B][B]The server: Com202 Loch Ness :)[/B][B][/B]

  • Here comes the solution:

    We want to thank everybody for participating! The answer was given faster than we've expected.

    The winners for the contest are:

    I - bgk135, com2 Firebox - prize was added.
    II - CZPsycho (PsychoCZ), com5 Cylinder Head (Express) - prize was added.
    III - ttimbul - please specify the nick and the server you play on, to receive your prize.

    Congratulations! :)

  • III - ttimbul - please specify the nick and the server you play on, to receive your prize.

    I just realised I never responded to this. My nick is 10292 and server is COM202 (Loch Ness). Hope I'm not too late to claim :-)