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    My nick came from many, many hours walking in the New Forest and seeing countless mysterious and amazing things in nature. Every experience sounded deep in my heart and caused a strange welling up of (I want to call it spiritual emotion) or moving of my spirit.

    One day was very special though and its where the nick came from because I couldn't hold what I was feeling inside and had to express it in sound.

    It was very early one morning late in the Autumn, light mists where hovering between the trees and close to the ground like gossamer. The birds where just waking up and calling to one another, mice, shrews and other small creatures crept through the leaf fall.

    Suddenly there was a "cough" so froze on the spot. Looking around slowly so as not to cause any alarm I spotted a 13 point Red Deer Buck standing on a low atoll about 100 yards from me.

    Slowly but surely I was surrounded by his harem as they came out of the undergrowth to graze on the lush grass. It was a combination of truly amazing, privilege and trust to have all these deer so close with some in touching distance.

    Feelings of joy, exhilaration, privilege and other things moved deep inside and could not be held onto. The sound that came out almost like a deep spiritual groan sounded like Spuzzana.

    It has been my nick ever since.

    What do you think the pioneers of the railway history; Robert Stephenson, Werner von Siemens and Thomas Edison would wish for Rail Nation's 6th birthday - if they were still here with us?

    Robert Stephenson would have liked CAD to draw his ideas

    Werner von Siemens would have liked Vampire Pro to build the best trains in the world that dont crash

    Thomas Edison would have liked eco friendly trains with eco lighting in the shape of Railway Nation birthday candles

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    Thanks for the birthday presents going to enjoy them :)

    Price of the sausage? €25
    Price of the hamburger?
    Price of the flour? €10
    Price of the cooking pot? €15
    Price of the bread? €5
    Package offer of the last row? €55
    Package offer of the last column? €55

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