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    i get it on my sony ZX now and then. most of the time the vids run OK. but now and then it says no vids available. but at least i can watch the vids on the mobile app but not in the browser version. those havnt worked for years.

    but right now i cant get on any server cause flash wont let me.

    its working again now. or it was for the EG of my last round but missed about a week of the round. But at the time no browser would let me into the game. Firefox got the furthest chrome was the worst for it.

    Cant try and see if its working again now as the server i was going to start on got cancelled. there was 1 due to start on the 15th novemeber but it didnt. Just noticed it was canceled due to some work being done to improve preformance to work with HTML5 or something.

    flash wont let me into the game anymore. was working fine this morning. i get the popup to allow or deny click that's fine but then i get another box come up.

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    which i cant click on. it just sits there and cant do anything with it and cant do anything in the game. game loads in the background though. Uninstalled flash. reinstalled. cleared cache cookies and flash data still wont let me get rid of it.

    Had the same prob with other games but fixed that by doing the above and those games r now working again.

    nothing wrong with the chat system as it is if its used correctly.

    But very few ppl use chat now they use the server forum instead.

    It used to be calls for RG were put in chat now they just go into the forum wherer a lot of players dont see it. or dont bother to look. Plus too many posts in the forum cant also stop players seing important info. But thats true with chat as well.

    Think what we need is a chat box were only the caller can post the call and block others from posting/chatting in that topic/chat. IE SOE only the mayor and councillors can post in those city topics. for EG only the president and cabinet can post the call i region topic.

    Simple and not hard to impliment.

    Prob with 3rd party chats is u end up having to have other apps open which drains PC resources away from the game to run the apps. that causes lag in the game and while u have the app open u might miss something in the game.

    maybe have an option for the mayor of cities to close stations to rogue players to force them to haul the RG needed instead of hauling what they want.

    making them rivals doesnt really do anything. If anything it causes more trouble than it solves. IE if u set them rivals they will just take majorites in all the industries which wil cause probs for everyone else.

    Got 1 on 1 of the servers i play on. 1 player asso who keeps stealing majorites of the big asso. making them rivals wont solve that problem as it will just cause WT to go up and cost players money having to keep investing to get majorites back meaning they wont have the money to build tracks buy wagons and upgrade their stations as fast.

    We need another way to deal with rouge players that wont hurt the good players who play for the city.

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Graphics seem to have gone haywire. Wrong trains icons showing in train list. at stations while loading and in the research tree. Avatars also have bits missing and the wrong clothes on and looks like they have something over the mouth.

    Several others have replied in region forum they have the same prob when i posted asking if anyone else was having probs. that they have the same problem. Refreshing, rebooting doesnt fix it.

    Started sometime this evening.

    Screenshot above of what the train list is showing.

    i bought the super starter package ready for the next round on my usual server. If i start on a diff server IE origin journey will the super stater package be used on that or will it be kept for my normal server?

    Asking cause origin journy server will be starting before the next round of my normal server starts and dont want the super package to be used on origin.

    the popups come up all the time even if u just pass the mouse overthem. IE looking at who is hauling what and the players info comes up just cause i was scrolling down the list and not even had the mouse over them. Then u have to waste time hitting the x to close them again so u can get to see what u want to see. Sometimes i get popups for an industry that im not even close to with the mouse. IE looking at something in london and i get a popup for something in manchester.

    Just moving the mouse around the screen causes these popups to come up even if ur not over anything. u only have to go near them and they popup.

    But its not just this game it does it on others as well so think its a windows problem not a game prob.

    i get a msg popup saying the lab has generated an RP but when i go to put it on its not there. Sometimes it takes hrs to actualy add the RP so it can be used.

    Ive probably missed out on lots of RP that just dont get added when generated. At the mo im making RP every 12 mins but only getting maybe 1 an hr to use. The rest dont get added or show up hrs later. Had it last round and this round.

    Might be the researcher bonus isnt getting counted so only get the RP at the normal research speed instead of the shortned time by having the researcher.

    depends where u watch the bonus vids.

    On my desktop they dont work at all but they work on the mobile app.

    Prob with the mobile app is u wont get bonus engines or anything except cash prizes as the bonus engines r not even listed as possible rewards.

    When big ben express restarted the bonus vids were working on my desktop but after the prob with the server going down they stopped working again.

    All i get is 20546 and nothing else which is a travian game advert. but it doesnt play anymore.

    Nearly all the bonus vids on a desktop r travian games. the mobile app only shows apps from the app store. think 20546 is an add for rail nation lol. if i remember its the steam over europe advert.

    Prob with the mobile app is it drains the battery on my phone very fast. usualy 1 or 2 hrs and the battery is dead. even having the phone pluged into the charger the app drains the battery faster than it charges. i can usualy extend the battery time by about 2 hrs by having it on charge while using the app.

    Its a pain to keep having to log off the desktop version and login to the phone app just to watch the bonus vids.

    Maybe 1 bonus vid in a 100 will give research points. 1 in 10 will give a discounted lottery ticket but usualy only 5 gold less. never had a free lottery ticket from it. the rest just give money prizes. those r the only rewards listed as a possibilty of winning on the app.

    ive been having probs with 20456 for years. when tower bridge express restarted they were working fine.

    But then when the servers were down for half a day they stopped working again when i finanly got back into the game.

    Thats the only bonus vid i ever get and it doesnt play. funny thing is at server restart that vid was working along with all the others.

    Ive tried other browsers but only firefox loads the game the others just crash.

    maybe make it easier to lvl the LM. they need way to much money to invest in them. So players tend to haul to the city to make money after all the RG r in the LM.

    Maybe go back to the old system where the LM could be lvled up without having to lvl the city 1st. It used to be u could get the LM to lvl 15 without leveling the city so no passengers were needed at the LM till the city hit lvl 5. that made it easier to lvl the LM and less players hauled to the city.

    same prob. only get vid number 20546. 0 secs long so nothing in it to watch so no bonus. been like that for years now.

    It starts of by cycling through vid numbers and always stops on vid 20546 which is blank.

    it doesnt effect every player though as my asso does my bonus vids for me. after i told them i cant watch the vids.

    with steam over europe u have no choice about hauling to the landmark.

    The city can only go to lvl 5 till the landmark lvls up.

    It used to be the landmark could be lvled up as high as u wanted without doing the city. But it got changed and now the landmark cant be higher lvl than the city.

    The trick now is invest in the landmark and haul all the RG to it till everything goes green. then work on the city. then when the city levels up the landmark levels up at the same time.

    There is 50 cities to choose from. split into 10 regions of 5 cities each.

    The idea is for the whole region of 5 cities to work together. as usual in the clasic game the top 10 cities go into the end game. But the region also has a chance of winning.

    So if ur home city wins and ur region wins u get extra rewards. But every city has to do well in the region .

    Where the team work comes in is conecting to the other cities in ur region and help them out if they r falling behind the other cities.

    When it gets to the end game everyone can then move to the city that gets into the end game. if more than 1 city in the region gets into the end game the president of the region will look and see which city has the most players connected to it and everyone goes to that city.

    Landmarks add more bonus to the region than cities do. so by getting the landmark as high a level as possible in every city in the region u have a better chance of the region winning.