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    I have never posted before, so hopefully this will be taken with the weight it deserves.

    I find it totally appalling that you would 48hr ban multiple players for potential duplicate IP violations 3 days before the EG, on unsubstantiated claims by one of your real $$ Cash Cows that not only impacted the final placings of the banned players but potentially trashed their associated Corp members.

    No need to look fro Paypal transfer from me anymore and I just hope the real $$ your gained from him will outweigh the loss of $$ from the 7 others your just tossed under the bus!

    (comment edited, account related ban decisions should not be discussed on forum)

    Well that was sort of the point, the Kindle app site has an old RN app,

    How do you get Travarian to provide Amazon an updated version?


    I know their developers are spending lots of hours for HTML5, but there has to be someone dealing with the current flash version that should be able to deal with this.

    (I sure hope we dont have to wait until the html5 roll-out is done)

    Been a while, but open RN on my Tablet,

    Program states there is a version update available/required.

    However, when I go to auto update function, there is no "new version" in the Kindle App store

    Manual update shows I have the current version?

    Any ideas when the new version will be available for the Kindle or how to play RN on the old version?