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    I just don't know what to say to this post...

    Honestly this is the way RN works... almost no one had nothing to say here RN ending... (and for sure no one of RN)... do you realy will continue open servers without solving issues that make players have problems with the game all the time?

    And by the way: when flash stops what will happend to players runing servers?

    do you realy will continue open servers without solving issues that make players have problems with the game all the time?

    Have no doubt

    I keep playing with a limited account for more than 1 month.

    With more than one error. among them, those of consultants who do not work.

    While my opponents, who are in front of me.

    They can get 50% more prestige.

    They can be 60 km faster.

    Can connect to discounted cities.

    They can make cheaper rails.

    May have discount on waiting time.

    Alas after wasting 1 month sending, images and videos. that I was informed

    That I will have to continue with the limited account.

    So RailNation should at least have the good census. Or the duty to put an alert. when the player clicks on the maps to participate.

    With the following warning that the player may encounter errors. And that at the moment or short term. There are no solutions for some of them.

    and it is up to the player who comes across the error.

    continue in the game or not.

    Because as I said, I'm playing a "strategy" game where I can't have the same tools as my opponents.

    Only in the last 2 weeks of play. where I hired the 50% prestigious consultant.

    And I thought he was ok.

    I did the math just by looking. the game did not credit some 10,000 prestige. It would be my right to receive.

    I'm in 11th right now

    Imagine how I will be at the end of the game. If I stay out of top 3. or top 10.

    Because of the points that the game did not rightfully credit me.

    Apart from the other mistakes. that can't even calculate. :(

    I must be one of the lucky ones.

    I was drawn, and won the bonus. a limited account.

    I was asked for patience and understanding.

    Patience, I'm having. More understanding does not give.

    I agree that these compensations have to be according to the harm done.......

    Better to sit on the couch in front of the TV. For expect repair for all damage. That does not exist.

    What happens is if there is damage that hits a certain amount of players.

    then they give some consolation bonus. which for the vast majority who get into the game from time to time turns out to be a great prize.

    More for those in the fight, to be in the top 100, 50, 20, 10.

    Forget the damage is not evaluated. It doesn't matter if your average in the last days is 1000, 2000, 3000 of prestige. The bonus is the same.

    All that remains is to pretend that everything is all right and move on.

    Here's my example, I've been playing since the day I joined, on the last day of Era 2. With a limited account, I earned a 30 hour bonus without access to my account. I've heard from support that there's nothing to do for me.

    So forget about fair compensation.

    #Samisu, I totally understand that privacy policy. What I don't understand is why I play 99% with app and probably more than 40% with WiFi connection, of course you can see how many times I logged in during that issue and the days before and after that issue and compare. But right now I'm done with Rail Nation, I'll finish US 103 and M23 qualifying (probably my corp will qualify to the final but I won't play it), so right now forget about that stupid compensation and tell who made that decision to put that compensation up in their ***.


    This is when you have any compensation or apology.

    I am currently playing 3 maps.

    And in the USA - COM101 Rocky Mountains. It turned out to be a disaster in the previous game, which affected several players. Even with the disappearance of 44 game accounts.

    Now I have problems in this game again. My account seems to be limited.

    I tried to get into 3 societies. The game shows me in the new society I can enter the society menu, I can donate. But I don't appear in society. Then I restart the game and now as magic I am not in society and I can not try to enter.

    Now the most serious. A lot of the consultants I tested don't work for me.

    I hired at least 5x the speed consultant. and none works for me.

    The consultant who reduces the waiting time also does not work.

    The consultants who give discount on rail construction and the cheapest city connection. They don't work either.

    But all these problems were reported, including images and videos.

    In the end I lost 2 weeks talking to the support, a job that is not easy. since I only speak portuguese. So I have to write, translate and correct the translation.

    And after all this work. And the hell I'm having on this map. which ends up affecting me on the other maps.

    Support says you can do nothing for me.

    In other words, I'm still playing with a limited account, but I'm still in the top 25 and top 3 in competitions.

    Now the cool thing will be at the end of the game. I look at ranking. and know that my position could be better. More for game errors. it was not possible.

    Ah yes the support did something for me. in the first mistake being in society and not being in society at the same time.

    Support has requested access to my account. I accepted, but I thought they would solve it with 2 or 3 hours maximum.

    You know what they did, they left me over 30 hours. No access to my account.

    In the end I had to send some messages, asking to ignore this error. and return my account.

    because if it was going to take longer, it would not be worth it to return to the game.

    I thought my computer. was possessed by some virus.

    So besides cleaning Chrome, I opened the game in Opera. I updated Windows, I passed CCleaner and the errors continue.

    So I went to open the game at my neighbor's house. With his desktop, modem and internet. and the errors continue.

    That's it guys, I'm playing with a limited account. I can only keep playing 'fighting' this way.

    since I promised to join my friends to help them.

    Or give up and try your luck. in the future.

    Or take courage. and do what the friend said......