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    finally an update of the app on android, it will certainly be improved, they will have taken into account the problems that the app has always had .... and instead NO !!! the app after the update works even worse than before, but how is it possible to make an already bad app worse, now in addition to the usual problems known for years, there are also continuous disconnections, exponential increase of data, (without being able to connect 1228 mb of data to be deleted), waiting times to access the game have become long to biblical, once you are able to connect here is the surprise, you have no more trains, where are my 28? the station opens but you can not do anything, you do not see the messages, you cannot repair the trains because you no longer have them, in short, everything is blocked, you can do nothing but go out, clean the phone of all the garbage that the app has created, terminate the app and restart it ... but you don't necessarily have to repeat the beautiful experience you just had

    good compliments, it's really hard to think that someone can make something bad already worse


    after the last update (server IT1 Caldaia), many problems occur, including:
    the search system for the goods closest to the city does not work, it seems that it sees the city somewhere else
    the map zoom is not gradual, it always jumps to the minimum or maximum



    after the app the app locks on the home screen with the travian logo, it does not go on in 4G nor in WiFi. use mobile phone asus zenfone 3 8Gb ram with android 8.
    solve as soon as possible after weeks and money spent to get to the final in good position (Colosseum IT server) does not want to have wasted everything