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    It's nice to have freebies, but it really does feel cheap that you can only use the code on one server. I'd be willing to bet that most players play on 2 or 3 servers regularly, and it'd feel more special if the bonus codes would work once per server.

    It's not like it actually costs anything to make the give-away items, after all. Nor is it likely to stop people from paying for gold if they do that anyway, or not for long.

    I'm sad that Primus is now lottery only. I very much dislike games where you play a slender chance on the lottery to win something, rather than decide to purchase it in the shop. With the lottery you get many rewards you don't really need (clothing voucher ??) or which are only marginal use (small game cash rewards).

    For the regular bonus engines, you can elect to pay gold to have it right away, or take your chance on the lottery. While the Primus was a reward for buying gold, I bought at least some gold in every so so I could have it. It wouldn't hurt to have that feature remain, or maybe you had to spend more than some amount in the gold shop to qualify. Primus was also useful in all eras, which the regular bonus engines are not.

    great thanks. I'm already playing some other servers in different styles. I joined broadway at the beginning of era 5 to get some advance idea of the later eras (what to research etc) so I'll wait til it resets and play all the way through next time. Can't yet decide if express or normal speed is best :)

    This is about the right place to ask. Broadway is my first server to finish (yay) so what happens now? I can still log on, and the trains are still running. I guess at some point it resets? How long does that take, seeing as it's not listed as a server start date yet, and do I automatically restart in the same server?

    It also says my plus account and such are still available in the new round, I assume those are linked to a specific server, so if I were to start on another server they wouldn't be?

    So many questions... sorry...

    I'm sure this is a FAQ but the FAQ link just takes me to support page.

    Do Bonus engines bought for gold occupy a slot in the engine shed, or are they extras on top of the maximum in the shed?